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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017 PN Volume 32 Issue 1 January (20).pdf.jpg2017Previous aminoglycoside use and acute kidney injury risk in non-critically ill childrenSaban, Jeremy Andrew; Pizzi, Michael; Caldwell, Jillian; Palijan, Ana; Zappitelli, Michael
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 1 January (42).pdf.jpg201763: Assisted reproductive technology and pediatric neoplasms- results of a population based cohort of up to 18 yearsWainstock, Tamar; Walfisch, Asnat; Shoham -Vardi, Ilana; Segal, Idit; Harlev, Avi; Sergienko, Ruslan; Sheiner, Eyal
2017 PN Volume 32 Issue 2 February (14).pdf.jpg2017Iohexol plasma clearance in children : validation of multiple formulas and two-point sampling timesTøndel, Camilla; Bolann, Bjørn; Salvador, Cathrin Lytomt; Brackman, Damien; Bjerre, Anna; Svarstad, Einar; Brun, Atle
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 1 January (37).pdf.jpg201755: Pregnancy medical home: outcomes and cost-savingsSuhag, Anju; Dutta, Ritu; Schwarzwald, Heidi L.; Taylor, Tangula; Hollier, Lisa
2017 PN Volume 32 Issue 7 July (19).pdf.jpg2017Conversion from immediate- to extended-release cysteamine may decrease disease control and increase additional side effectsBäumner, Sören; Weber, Lutz T.
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 1 January (38).pdf.jpg201757: The association of a labor dystocia checklist with decreased cesarean delivery ratesWu, Erica; Clair, Kiran; Chan, Kenneth
2017 PN Volume 32 Issue 7 July (9).pdf.jpg2017Delayed graft function and its management in childrenGrenda, Ryszard
2017 PN Volume 32 Issue 5 May (11).pdf.jpg2017A randomised Phase I/II trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of orally administered Oxalobacter formigenes to treat primary hyperoxaluriaHoppe, Bernd; Niaudet, Patrick; Salomon, R??mi; Harambat, J??r??me; Hulton, Sally Anne; Van???t Hoff, William; Moochhala, Shabbir H.; Desch??nes, Georges; Lindner, Elisabeth; Sj??gren, Anna; Cochat, Pierre
2017 PN Volume 32 Issue 4 April (13).pdf.jpg2017Racial???ethnic disparities in mortality and kidney transplant outcomes among pediatric dialysis patientsLaster, Marciana; Soohoo, Melissa; Hall, Clinton; Streja, Elani; Rhee, Connie M.; Ravel, Vanessa a.; Reddy, Uttam; Norris, Keith C.; Salusky, Isidro B.; Kalantar-Zadeh, Kamyar
2017 PN Volume 32 Issue 6 June (19).pdf.jpg2017Follow-up of Acute kidney injury in Neonates during Childhood Years (FANCY): a prospective cohort studyHarer, Matthew W.; Pope, Chelsea F.; Conaway, Mark R.; Charlton, Jennifer R.