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2010Expansion of anti-AFP Th1 and Tc1 responses in hepatocellular carcinoma occur in different stages of diseaseAlisa, A; Boswell, S; Anastassiou, J; Pathan, AA; Williams, R
2013The read-across hypothesis and environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticalsRand-Weaver, M; Margiotta-Casaluci, L; Patel, A; Panter, GH; Owen, SF; Sumpter, JP
2013Hypersensitivity of BRCA1 heterozygote lymphoblastoid cells to gamma radiation and PARP inhibitorsBourton, EC; Foster, HA; Plowman, PN; Harvey, AJ; Parris, C
2008Reconsidering feminisms and the work of Norbert Elias for understanding gender, sport and sport-related activitiesMansfield, L
2014Telling people where to look in a soccer-based decision task: A nomothetic approachBishop, D; Kuhn, G; Maton, C
1999Nociceptin receptor activation produces nitric oxide-mediated systemic hypotensionLin, B; Waterman, R; Lippton, H
M_1760 - Volume.138 - Issue.6 - June 2012 - Fulltext - Rahpouyan Elm.pdf.jpg-M_1760 - Volume.138 - Issue.6 - June 2012 - Fulltext - Rahpouyan Elm.pdf-
2013Human surfactant protein D alters oxidative stress and HMGA1 expression to induce p53 apoptotic pathway in eosinophil leukemic cell lineMahajan, L; Pandit, H; Madan, T; Gautam, P; Yadav, AK; Warke, H; Sundaram, CS; Sirdeshmukh, R; Sarma, PU; Kishore, U; Surolia, A
2008Transcranial magnetic stimulation disrupts the perception and embodiment of facial expressionsPitcher, D; Garrido, L; Walsh, V; Duchaine, BC
2014Developmental changes in the role of different metalinguistic awareness skills in Chinese reading acquisition from preschool to third gradeWei, T-Q; Bi, H-Y; Chen, B-G; Liu, Y; Weng, X-C; Wydell, TN