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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2441.pdf.jpg2015Gestational hypertension before term: observe or deliver?Jim Thornton; Lelia Duley
2462.pdf.jpg2015Authors’ replyTheo Vos; Ryan Barber; David E Phillips
2459.pdf.jpg2015Promotion of sports, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle in RussiaAlexander Gorobets
2464.pdf.jpg2015Department of Error-
298.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2015Interactions between nano-TiO2 and the oral cavity: impact of nanomaterial surface hydrophilicity/hydrophobicityTeubl, Birgit J; Schimpel, Christa; Leitinger, Gerd; Bauer, Bettina; Fröhlich, Eleonore; Zimmer, Andreas; Roblegg, Eva
525.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2015Absolute quantification of norovirus capsid protein in food, water, and soil using synthetic peptides with electrospray and MALDI mass spectrometryHartmann, Erica M; Colquhoun, David R; Schwab, Kellogg J; Halden, Rolf U
573.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2015Eco-genotoxicity of six anticancer drugs using comet assay in daphnidsParrella, Alfredo; Lavorgna, Margherita; Criscuolo, Emma; Russo, Chiara; Isidori, Marina
425.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2015Highly active Pd-In/mesoporous alumina catalyst for nitrate reductionGao, Zhenwei; Zhang, Yonggang; Li, Deyi; Werth, Charles J; Zhang, Yalei; Zhou, Xuefei
69.pdf.jpg15-May-2015Pervaporation performance of PPO membranes in dehydration of highly hazardous mmh and udmh liquid propellantsMoulik, Siddhartha; Kumar, K Praveen; Bohra, Subha; Sridhar, Sundergopal
51.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2015Use of bioreporters and deletion mutants reveals ionic silver and ROS to be equally important in silver nanotoxicityJoshi, Nimisha; Ngwenya, Bryne T; Butler, Ian B; French, Chris E