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2013The pendulum swings back to scoliosis screening: screening policies for early detection and treatment of idiopathic scoliosis - current concepts and recommendationsGrivas, Theodoros B; Hresko, Michael Timothy; Labelle, Hubert; Price, Nigel; Kotwicki, Tomasz; Maruyama, Toru
2013Regulation of key proteins in Alzheimer’s disease molecular pathogenesis by ubiquilin-1Takalo, Mari; Viswanathan, Jayashree; Natunen, Teemu; Kurkinen, Kaisa MA; Tanila, Heikki; Soininen, Hilkka; Tanzi, Rudolph E; Hiltunen, Mikko; Haapasalo, Annakaisa
2013Is Plasma Pentadecanoic Acid a Reasonable Biomarker of Dairy Consumption?Djoussé, Luc
2013Microglia in Neuronal CircuitsWu, Long-Jun; Stevens, Beth; Duan, Shumin; MacVicar, Brian A.
2014Dysregulation of Diverse Ion Transport Pathways Controlling Cell Volume Homoestasis Contribute to Neuroglial Cell Injury Following Ischemic StrokeSun, Dandan; Kahle, Kristopher T.
2013Increasing number of organ dysfunctions is an excellent predictor of in-hospital mortality in emergency department patients with suspected infection: an internal and external prospective validation studyJessen, Marie K; Skibsted, Simon; Shapiro, Nathan I
2005Cancer gene mutation discovery and detection using array-based resequencingTengs, T; Lee, JC; Paez, JG; Zhao, X; LaFramboise, T; Giannoukos, G; Thomas, RK
2005HIN-1, an inhibitor of cell growth, invasion, and AKT1 activationKrop, IE; Parker, MT; Qimron, N; Porter, D; Polyak, K
2014'Oming in on RNA–protein interactionsRinn, John L; Ule, Jernej
2007Mast cells jump start K/BxN serum transfer arthritis via IL-1Nigrovic, PA; Johnsen, A; Binstadt, BA; Monach, PA; Gurish, M; Iwakura, Y; Mathis, D; Benoist, C; Lee, DM