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1978Studies of the binding of different iron donors to human serum transferrin and isolation of iron-binding fragments from the N- and C-Terminal regions of the proteinEvans, RW; Williams, J
1974Studies on the changes in protein fluorescence and enzymic activity of aspartate aminotransferase on binding of pyridoxal 5'-PhosphateEvans, RW; Holbrook, J
1972Protein fluorescence of nicotinamide nucleotide-dependent dehydrogenasesHolbrook, BJJ; Yates, DW; Reynolds, SJ; Evans, RW; Greenwood, C; Gore, MG
1975Differences in the protein fluorescence of the two iron(lI1)-binding sites of ovotransferrinEvans, RW
1978Iron-binding fragments from the N-Terminal and C-Terminal regions of human lactoferrinBluard-Deconinck, JM; Williams, J; Evans, RW; Snick, JV; Osinski, PA; Massont, PL
1978Escherichia coli serotypes isolated from urinary tract infections and recurrent pyogenic cholangitis in Hong KongWong, Woon-to, Fred; 黃煥滔
1976A bacteriological and immunological study of human salmonella infections, with special reference to Hong KongChau, Pak-yin.; 周伯燕.
1978Hybrid molecules of human interferon and human immunoglobulins: synthesis, purification andcharacterization.Fung, Kwok-pui; 馮國培
0122608054.pdf.jpg1972Analytical profiles of drug substancesedited by Klaus Florey, contributing editors, Glenn A. Brewer, Jr. ... [et al.]
1978A comparative study of the bacterial flora of oyster, mussel and clam in Hong Kong, with special reference to the accumulation of faecalbacteria and clearance in the ultra-violet depuration systemKueh, Show-wu, Cathie.; 郭王曉湖.