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2014Behavioral deficits, early gliosis, dysmyelination and synaptic dysfunction in a mouse model of mucolipidosis IVGrishchuk, Yulia; Sri, Sarmi; Rudinskiy, Nikita; Ma, Weiyuan; Stember, Katherine G; Cottle, Matthew W; Sapp, Ellen; Difiglia, Marian; Muzikansky, Alona; Betensky, Rebecca A; Wong, Andrew M S; Bacskai, Brian J; Hyman, Bradley T; Kelleher, Raymond J; Cooper, Jonathan D; Slaugenhaupt, Susan A
2014Abnormal Dosage of Ultraconserved Elements Is Highly Disfavored in Healthy Cells but Not Cancer CellsMcCole, Ruth B.; Fonseka, Chamith Y.; Koren, Amnon; Wu, C.-ting
2014PRKDC mutations associated with immunodeficiency, granuloma and aire-dependent autoimmunityBelot, Alexandre; Mathieu, Anne-Laure; Veronese, Estelle; Rice, Gillian; Fouyssac, Fanny; Bertrand, Yves; Picard, Capucine; Walter, Jolan; Notarangelo, Luigi; Schuetz, Catharina; Reumaux, Heloise; Van Der Burg, Mirjam; Kemp, Helen; Rouvet, Isabelle; Malcus, Christophe; Fabien, Nicole; Crow, Yanick; Menetrier-Caux, Christine; De Villartay, Jean-Pierre; Walzer, Thierry
437.pdf.jpgOct-2015Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-allylamine) (PNIPAM-co-ALA) nanospheres for the thermally triggered release of Bacteriophage KHathaway, Hollie; Alves, Diana R; Bean, Jessica; Esteban, Patricia P; Ouadi, Khadija; Sutton, J Mark; Jenkins, A Toby A
2014A Highly Specific Probe for Sensing Hydrogen Sulfide in Live Cells Based on Copper-Initiated Fluorogen with Aggregation-Induced Emission CharacteristicsLi, Xin; Yang, Chengyu; Wu, Kai; Hu, Yongzhou; Han, Yifeng; Liang, Steven H.
2011Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase Enhancer Regulates Neuronal Dendritogenesis and Survival in NeocortexBun Chan, Chi; Liu, Xia; Pradoldej, Sompol; Hao, Chunhai; An, Jie; Yepes, Manuel; Luo, Hongbo; Ye, Keqiang
1874.pdf.jpg7-May-2015A longitudinal study of bullying of sexual-minority youthSchuster, Mark A; Bogart, Laura M; Elliott, Marc N; Klein, David J; Feng, Jeremy Y; Tortolero, Susan R; Mrug, Sylvie; Lewis, Terri H
2014Changing Trends in Phthalate ExposuresLioy, Paul J.; Gennings, Chris; Hauser, Russ; Koch, Holger M.; Kortenkamp, Andreas
1877.pdf.jpg14-May-2015The $2.6 billion pill--methodologic and policy considerationsAvorn, Jerry
2013Physician Accuracy in Interpreting Potential ST‐Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction ElectrocardiogramsMcCabe, James M.; Armstrong, Ehrin J.; Ku, Ivy; Kulkarni, Ameya; Hoffmayer, Kurt S.; Bhave, Prashant D.; Waldo, Stephen W.; Hsue, Priscilla; Stein, John C.; Marcus, Gregory M.; Kinlay, Scott; Ganz, Peter