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2009Immunologic Responses to Vibrio cholerae in Patients Co-Infected with Intestinal Parasites in BangladeshBhuiyan, Taufiqur R.; Chowdhury, Fahima; Khan, Ashraful I.; Logvinenko, Tanya; Kendall, Jennifer; Faruque, Abu S. G.; Nagler, Cathryn R.; Qadri, Firdausi; Harris, Jason B.; Podolsky, Michael Jeffrey; Larocque, Regina Celes; Ryan, Edward Thomas; Calderwood, Stephen Beaven
2013Detection of JC Virus-Specific Immune Responses in a Novel Humanized Mouse ModelTan, Chen; Broge, Thomas A.; Seung, Edward N.; Vrbanac, Vlad; Viscidi, Raphael; Gordon, Jennifer; Tager, Andrew Martin; Koralnik, Igor J.
2005Fungal Levels in the Home and Allergic Rhinitis by 5 Years of AgeStark, Paul C.; Celedón, Juan C.; Chew, Ginger L.; Burge, Harriet A.; Ryan, Louise Marie; Muilenberg, Michael L.; Gold, Diane R.
2012Structural Analysis of Glutaredoxin Domain of Mus Musculus Thioredoxin Glutathione ReductaseDobrovolska, Olena; Shumilina, Elena; Gladyshev, Vadim; Dikiy, Alexander
2013Esomeprazole and aspirin fixed combination for the prevention of cardiovascular eventsSylvester, Katelyn W; Cheng, Judy WM; Mehra, Mandeep R
2012DNA Self-Assembly of Targeted Near-Infrared-Responsive Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Thermo-ChemotherapyXiao, Zeyu; Ji, Changwei; Shi, Jinjun; Pridgen, Eric M; Frieder, Jillian; Farokhzad, Omid Cameron
2010Responses of Massachusetts hospitals to a state mandate to collect race, ethnicity and language data from patients: a qualitative studyThorlby, Ruth; Weinick, Robin M; Jorgensen, Selena; Ayanian, John Zaven
2008The effects of socioeconomic status and indices of physical environment on reduced birth weight and preterm births in Eastern MassachusettsZeka, Ariana; Melly, Steven; Schwartz, Joel David
MED 29 , VOL.30 , issue.supple , June 2014.pdf.jpg-MED 29 , VOL.30 , issue.supple , June 2014.pdf-
2010Vitamin D Status of HIV-Infected Women and Its Association with HIV Disease Progression, Anemia, and MortalityMehta, Saurabh; Mugusi, Ferdinand M.; Aboud, Said; Msamanga, Gernard I.; Giovannucci, Edward L.; Spiegelman, Donna Lynn; Hertzmark, Ellen; Hunter, David G.; Fawzi, Wafaie W.