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2006A Case–Control Analysis of Exposure to Traffic and Acute Myocardial InfarctionTonne, Cathryn; Goldberg, Robert; Melly, Steven John; Mittleman, Murray A.; Coull, Brent Andrew; Schwartz, Joel David
2004Medications as a Source of Human Exposure to Phthalates.Godfrey-Bailey, Linda; Calafat, Antonia M; Hauser, Russ B.; Duty, Susan M.
2009In Vitro Priming Recapitulates In Vivo HIV-1 Specific T Cell Responses, Revealing Rapid Loss of Virus Reactive CD4+ T Cells in Acute HIV-1 InfectionLubong Sabado, Rachel; Fru, Karlhans; Babcock, Ethan; Lifson, Jeffrey; Bhardwaj, Nina; Larsson, Marie; Kavanagh, Daniel Garrett; Kaufmann, Daniel; Rosenberg, Eric Scott; Walker, Bruce David
2007Association Between the Plasma/Whole Blood Lead Ratio and History of Spontaneous Abortion: A Nested Cross-Sectional StudyLamadrid-Figueroa, Héctor; Téllez-Rojo, Martha M; Hernández-Avila, Mauricio; Trejo-Valdivia, Belem; Solano-González, Maritsa; Mercado-Garcia, Adriana; Hu, Howard; Smith, Donald; Wright, Robert O.
2005Exposure to Fumonisins and the Occurrence of Neural Tube Defects Along the Texas–Mexico BorderSuarez, Lucina; Felkner, Marilyn; Wang, Elaine; Merrill, Alfred H.; Rothman, Kenneth J.; Hendricks, Katherine A.; Missmer, Stacey Ann
2008Exposure to Bisphenol A and Other Phenols in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Premature InfantsCalafat, Antonia M.; Ye, Xiaoyun; Jia, Lily T.; Hu, Howard; Huttner, Ken; Weuve, Jennifer Lynn; Ringer, Steven Alan; Hauser, Russ B.