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2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 12 December (10).pdf.jpg2018Clear lens extraction for the management of primary angle closure glaucoma: surgical technique and refractive outcomes in the EAGLE cohortDay, Alexander C; Cooper, David; Burr, Jennifer; Foster, Paul J; Friedman, David S; Gazzard, Gus; Che-Hamzah, Jemaima; Aung, Tin; Ramsay, Craig R; Azuara-Blanco, Augusto
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 12 December (19).pdf.jpg2018Primary photodynamic therapy with verteporfin for pigmented posterior pole cT1a choroidal melanoma: a 3-year retrospective analysisFabian, Ido Didi; Stacey, Andrew W; Harby, Lamis Al; Arora, Amit K; Sagoo, Mandeep S; Cohen, Victoria M L
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 12 December (14).pdf.jpg2018Assessment of choroidal blood flow using laser speckle flowgraphyCalzetti, Giacomo; Fondi, Klemens; Bata, Ahmed M; Luft, Nikolaus; Wozniak, Piotr a; Witkowska, Katarzyna J; Bolz, Matthias; Popa-Cherecheanu, Alina; Werkmeister, René M; Schmidl, Doreen; Garhöfer, Gerhard; Schmetterer, Leopold
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 12 December (15).pdf.jpg2018Optical coherence tomography angiography in pseudophakic cystoid macular oedema compared to diabetic macular oedema: qualitative and quantitative evaluation of retinal vasculatureSacconi, Riccardo; Corbelli, Eleonora; Carnevali, Adriano; Mercuri, Stefano; Rabiolo, Alessandro; Querques, Lea; Marchini, Giorgio; Bandello, Francesco; Querques, Giuseppe
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 12 December (18).pdf.jpg2018Posterior scleral reinforcement using genipin-cross-linked sclera for macular hole retinal detachment in highly myopic eyesZhu, Shuang-Qian; Pan, An-Peng; Zheng, Lin-Yan; Wu, Yue; Xue, An-Quan
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 12 December (12).pdf.jpg2018Factors predicting the success of trabeculectomy bleb enhancement with needlingThan, Jonathan Y-X L; Al-Mugheiry, Toby S; Gale, Jesse; Martin, Keith R
2018 Chest Volume 154 Issue 6 December (36).pdf.jpg2018Building a Prediction Model for Radiographically Confirmed Pneumonia in Peruvian Children: From Symptoms to ImagingPervaiz, Farhan; Chavez, Miguel a.; Ellington, Laura E.; Grigsby, Matthew; Gilman, Robert H.; Miele, Catherine H.; Figueroa-Quintanilla, Dante; Compen-Chang, Patricia; Marin-Concha, Julio; McCollum, Eric D.; Checkley, William
2018 Chest Volume 154 Issue 6 December (32).pdf.jpg2018Health-care Cost Impact of Continued Anticoagulation With Rivaroxaban vs Aspirin for Prevention of Recurrent Symptomatic VTE in the EINSTEIN-CHOICE Trial PopulationWells, Philip S.; Prins, Martin H.; Beyer-Westendorf, Jan; Lensing, Anthonie W.a.; Haskell, Lloyd; Levitan, Bennett; Laliberté, François; Ashton, Veronica; Xiao, Yongling; Lejeune, Dominique; Crivera, Concetta; Lefebvre, Patrick; Zhao, Qi; Yuan, Zhong; Schein, Jeff; Pra
2018 Chest Volume 154 Issue 6 December (34).pdf.jpg2018Sleep Apnea Increases the Risk of New Hospitalized Atrial Fibrillation: A Historical Cohort StudyKendzerska, Tetyana; Gershon, Andrea S.; Atzema, Clare; Dorian, Paul; Mangat, Iqwal; Hawker, Gillian; Leung, Richard S.
2018 Chest Volume 154 Issue 6 December (35).pdf.jpg2018Clinical Issues in Severe Asthma: Debates and Discussions About Personalizing Patient ManagementPanettieri, Reynold a.; Wechsler, Michael E.; Wenzel, Sally E.