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2002Early activation of caspase-3 by beta-amyloid peptides (25-35, 1-42) stimulates the activation of double-stranded RNA-regulated protein kinase and cleavage of eukaryotic initiation factor 2 alphaChang, RCC; Suen, KC; Lin, KF; Hugon, J
2003Involvement of PKR in mediating the activation of caspases in b-amyloid peptide neurotoxicitySuen, KC; Yu, MS; Hugon, J; So, KF; Chang, RCC
2008Brain cell culture is an effective learning activity for high school students to acquire diverse kowledge and skills about neuroscienceSuen, KC; Chan, WK; Chang, RCC
2004Absence of endoplasmic reticulum stress in early apoptosis in beta-amyloid peptide neurotoxicityYu, MS; Suen, KC; Kwok, NS; So, KF; Chang, RCC
2008Immediate night-time sleep helps memory consolidation in adolescents aged 13-14Suen, KC; Cheung, TW; Li, LM; Lo, BCY; Lam, HC; Wong, YH; Yuen, CT; Chang, RCC
2003Upstream signaling of PKR in beta-amyloid peptide neurotoxicityChang, RCC; Suen, KC; Yu, MS; So, KF; Hugon, J
2002Involvement of phosphorylation of eukaryotic initiation factor 2a (elF2a) and double-stranded RNA-dependent protein kinase (PKR) in neuronal apoptosisChang, RCC; Suen, KC; Ma, ECH; Elyaman, W; Ng, HK
2003Activation of the PKR-eIF2a pathway is mediated by caspase-3 activationSuen, KC; Yu, MS; Hugon, J; So, KF; Chang, RCC
2001Calcium could mediate the hyperphosphorylation of eukaryotic initiation factor 2 alpha in neurons induced by b amyloid peptide 25-35Suen, KC; Chang, RCC; Ma, ECH; Elyaman, W; Hugon, J
2003Research strategies in molecular signaling of neuronal apoptosis in Alzheimer's diseaseSuen, KC; Yu, MS; Hugon, J; Chang, RCC