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2013Investigating biological mechanisms of corticosterone-induced neurodegeneration: implication of how depression promotes cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's diseaseWuwongse, S; Wong, S; Tsang, AWT; Zhang, E; Cheng, SSY; Hung, CHL; Lau, BWM; Ho, YS; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Law, A
2012Endoplasmic reticulum plays important roles in initiating autophagy in cultured hippocampal neurons after exposure to beta-amyloid peptideWuwongse, S; Ho, YS; Zhang, NQ; Hung, C; Chang, RCC
2012Degeneration of microtubules in cultured hippocampal neurons stressed by beta-amyloid peptide and corticosteroneWong, THG; Wuwongse, S; Hung, HL; Law, ACK; Chang, RCC
2012Early dynamic changes of mitochondrial morphology in hippocampal neurons in response to β-amyloidHung, HL; Wuwongse, S; Zhang, Q; Ho, YS; Chang, RCC
2012Synaptic and cytoskeletal changes in Alzheimer's disease and depressionWong, THG; Wuwongse, S; Chang, RCC; Law, ACK
2012Investigation of wolfberry (the fruit of lycium barbarum) as therapeutic and preventive medicine in Alzheimer's disease and glaucomaHo, YS; Wuwongse, S; Lau, WM; Zhang, E; Wong, GTH; Tsang, AWT; Chang, RCC; Law, ACK; So, KF; Chiu, K
2011Aggregation of the endoplasmic reticulum may play a major role in initiating autophagic flux in oligomeric β-amyloid peptide-treated neuronsHo, YS; Wuwongse, S; Zhang, NQ; Hung, CHL; Chang, RCC
2010The involvement of synaptic degeneration in major depressive disorder and antidepressant mechanism of actionWuwongse, S; Hung, HL; Chang, RCC; Law, ACK
2012Aggregation of endoplasmic reticulum triggered slective autophagic degradation in primary cultures of rat hippocampal neurons stressed by oligomeric AβZhang, Q; Hung, HL; Ho, YS; Wuwongse, S; Chang, RCC
2012Synaptic dysfunction in alzheimer's disease and depressionWuwongse, S; Hung, HL; Zhang, Q; Ho, YS; Law, ACK; Chang, RCC