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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2008Research advances on the anti-aging profile of Fructus lycii: An ancient Chinese herbal medicineSze, SCW; Chang, RCC; Zhang, KY; Tong, Y; Song, J; Wong, RNS
2010Modulation of mitochondrial calcium as a pharmacological target for Alzheimer's diseaseHung, CHL; Ho, YS; Chang, RCC
2009Effects of all-trans-retinoic acid on human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma as in vitro model in neurotoxicity researchSo, KF; Chang, RCC; Cheung, YT; Lau, WKW; Yu, MS; Lai, CSW; Yeung, SC
2009Could PKR inhibition modulate human neurodegeneration?Hugon, J; Paquet, C; Chang, RCC
2009Polysaccharides from Wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) antagonize homocysteine-induced neurotoxicity in cultured cortical neuronsHo, YS; Yang, X; Yu, MS; So, KF; Chang, RCC
2008Low molecular weight b-amyloid peptides induce endoplasmic reticulum aggregation in primary hippocampal neuronsChang, RCC; Preisler, J; Yu, MS; Ng, HK; Hugon, J; Lee, DHS; Lai, SW
2008Dietary oxyresveratrol prevents parkinsonian mimetic 6-hydroxydopamine neurotoxicityWang, M; Chang, RCC; Chao, J; Yu, MS; Ho, YS
2008Coenzyme Q10 attenuates hyperphosphorylation of tau with up-regulation of AKT signaling in the aged transgenic mice with Alzheimer presenilin 1 mutationYang, X; Chang, RCC; Yang, Y; Yang, ES; Li, G; Wang, J; Gu, J
2009Novel Neuroprotective effect of a cognition-enhancing herb, alpinae oxyphyllae, on glutamate neurotoxicityHong, S; Ho, YS; Che, C; Lin, Z; Chang, RCC
2007The impact from understanding the biological mechanisms of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease to the development of neuroprotective agentsChang, RCC; Yu, MS; Cheung, YT; Ho, YS; Lai, SW