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2006Effect of mixing protocol on compatibilized polymer blend morphologyLin, B; Sundararaj, U; Guegan, P
2005Simulation and visualization of flow in a new miniature mixer for multiphase polymer systemsBreuer, O; Lin, B; Sundararaj, U; Chen, H
2008Enhancing dispersion of copper nanowires in melt-mixed polystyrene compositesGelves, GA; Lin, B; Haber, JA; Sundararaj, U
2007Electrical, rheological, and mechanical properties of polystyrene/copper nanowire nanocompositesLin, B; Gelves, GA; Haber, JA; Sundararaj, U
2008Electrical and rheological percolation of polymer nanocomposites prepared with functionalized copper nanowiresGelves, GA; Lin, B; Sundararaj, U; Haber, JA
2009Nylon 66/clay nanocomposite structure development in a twin screw extruderLin, B; Thuümen, A; Heim, H-P; Scheel, G; Sundararaj, U
2006Melt mixing of polycarbonate with multi-walled carbon nanotubes in miniature mixersLin, B; Sundararaj, U; Pötschke, P
2008Electrical, morphological and rheological study of melt-mixed polystyrene/copper nanowire nanocompositesLin, B; Gelves, GA; Haber, JA; Pötschke, P; Sundararaj, U
2009Effect of clay surfactant type and clay content on the eheology and morphology of uncured Fluoroelastomer/ clay nanocomposites prepared by melt-mixingLakshminarayanan, S; Lin, B; Gelves, GA; Sundararaj, U
2004Sheet formation during drop deformation and breakup in polyethylene/ polycarbonate systems sheared between parallel platesLin, B; Sundararaj, U