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2007An ammonia fuelled SOFC with a BaCe0.9Nd0.1O3-δ thin electrolyte prepared with a suspension sprayXie, K; Ma, Q; Lin, B; Jiang, Y; Gao, J; Meng, G; Liu, X
2002Strengthening of wire electro-discharge machined engineering ceramics by micro-plastic deformationAi, X; Li, D; Lin, B; Zhang, J
2008Restoration of visual function in retinal degeneration mice by ectopic expression of melanopsinLin, B; Koizumi, A; Tanaka, N; Panda, S; Masland, RH
2009Low temperature sintering ability and electrical conductivity of SOFC interconnect material La0.7Ca0.3Cr0.97O3Wang, S; Lin, B; Xie, K; Dong, Y; Meng, G; Liu, X
2008Electrical, morphological and rheological study of melt-mixed polystyrene/copper nanowire nanocompositesLin, B; Gelves, GA; Haber, JA; Pötschke, P; Sundararaj, U
2009Cost-effective macro-porous mullite-corundum ceramic membrane supports derived from the industrial grade powderDong, Y; Lin, B; Xie, K; Wang, S; Ding, H; Fang, D; Meng, G; Liu, X
2008Fabrication of Li2TiO3 pebbles by water-based sol-gel methodWu, X; Wen, Z; Han, J; Xu, X; Lin, B
2007Thin yttria-stabilized zirconia electrolyte and transition layers fabricated by particle suspension sprayYan, R; Ding, D; Lin, B; Liu, M; Meng, G; Liu, X
2002Theoretical generalization and research on the mechanism of the unsteady-state grinding techniqueLin, B; Li, ZC; Xu, YS; Hu, J
2001Current-position characteristics of two dimensional position sensitive detectors with different anode structureHuang, M-Z; Lin, B; Tang, J-Y; Shi, L-Z; Chen, Y-Q