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2004A novel HLA-DRB1 allele, DRB1*0449, with a rare point mutation found in the Han population of Guangdong ChinaLv, F; Gao, J; Lin, J; Liu, Z; Fu, Y; Lin, B; Liu, Y; Xu, A
2001Relationships between Microbial Community Structure and Hydrochemistry in a Landfill Leachate-Polluted AquiferRöling, WFM; Van Breukelen, BM; Braster, M; Lin, B; Van Verseveld, HW
2002Microbial aspects of anaerobic BTEX degradation.Lin, B; Van Verseveld, HW; Röling, WF
2001The N-terminal domain of the Caulobacter crescentus CgtA protein does not function as a guanine nucleotide exchange factor.Lin, B; Maddock, JR
2002Interactions between recording technique and AMPA receptor modulatorsLin, B; Colgin, LL; Brücher, FA; Arai, AC; Lynch, G
2007HLA class II polymorphisms associated with the physiologic characteristics defined by traditional Chinese medicine: Linking modern genetics with an ancient medicineChen, S; Lv, F; Gao, J; Lin, J; Liu, Z; Fu, Y; Liu, Y; Lin, B; Xie, Y; Ren, X; Fan, X; Xu, A; Xu, Y
2005Different functional types of bipolar cells use different gap-junctional proteinsLin, B; Jakobs, TC; Masland, RH
2002Expression and distribution of ionotropic glutamate receptor subunits on parasol ganglion cells in the primate retinaLin, B; Martin, PR; Grünert, U
2004A novel mechanism for the facilitation of theta-induced long-term potentiation by brain-derived neurotrophic factorKramár, EA; Lin, B; Lin, C-Y; Arai, AC; Gall, CM; Lynch, G
2005Polymorphism of human leukocyte antigen-DRB1, -DQB1, and -DPB1 genes of Shandong Han population in ChinaZhou, L; Lin, B; Xie, Y; Liu, Z; Yan, W; Xu, A