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2009In situ screen-printed BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2O3-δ electrolyte-based protonic ceramic membrane fuel cells with layered SmBaCo2O5+x cathodeLin, B; Dong, Y; Yan, R; Zhang, S; Hu, M; Meng, G; Zhou, Y
2006Linearity analysis of different two dimensional position sensitive detectors with different structure by using MultisimQi, X; Li, K; Lin, B; Cao, X; Chen, Y
2007Spot welding quality fuzzy control system based on multisensor information fusionChang, Y; Su, H; Lin, B; Yang, X
2001Relationships between Microbial Community Structure and Hydrochemistry in a Landfill Leachate-Polluted AquiferRöling, WFM; Van Breukelen, BM; Braster, M; Lin, B; Van Verseveld, HW
1990Determination of lattice structure and calculation of molecular tilt in lipid monolayers on water using x-ray diffractionBohanon, TM; Lin, B; Shih, MC; Ice, GE; Dutta, P
2002On the effect of surface residual stresses of ceramic grinding on fracture strengthTian, X-L; Lin, B; Yu, A-B
2001The N-terminal domain of the Caulobacter crescentus CgtA protein does not function as a guanine nucleotide exchange factor.Lin, B; Maddock, JR
2004Realization of integrated narrow bandpass filters in the infrared regionWang, S-W; Liu, D; Lin, B; Chen, X; Li, Z; Shi, Y; Wang, W; Lu, W
1994Stereochemistry of the spontaneous, acid-catalyzed and base-catalyzed hydrolyses of styrene oxideLin, B; Whalen, DL
2009Steady-state performance analysis for adaptive filters with error nonlinearitiesLin, B; He, R; Song, L; Wang, B