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2009Nanomedicine for CNS regeneration and instant hemostasisSo, KF; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; Ellis-Behnke, RG
2006Suprachiasmatic nucleus projecting retinal ganglion cells in golden hamsters development, morphology and relationship with NOS expressingamacrine cellsSo, KF; Tay, DKC; Chen, Baiyu.; 陳白羽.
2008Crystal Clear Surgery Using Self-assembling Molecules That Act As A Bio Barrier In The Brain And Spinal CordEllis-Behnke, RG; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; Schneider, GE; Wu, W; So, KF
2006Expression of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase in the retina of postnatal golden hamsters deprived of light stimulationChen, B; So, KF; Yu, E; Tay, DKC
1990Increased ipsilateral retinocollicular projection in golden hamster with neonatal optic brachium damageIreland, SML; So, KF; Tay, DKC
2005Self-assembling nano material for brain-lesion repair and functional return of vision: in vivo experiments on developing and adult brainTay, DKC; You, S; Liang, Y; Schneider, G; Zhang, S; So, KF; Ellis-Behnke, RG
2006Promotion of axonal growth by CNTF in a permissive environment of self-assembling peptide nanofiber scaffold for brain lesion repair and functional return of vision in adult hamstersSo, KF; Liang, Y; You, S; Tay, DKC; Schneider, GE; Ellis-Behnke, RG
2007Functional changes and differential cell death of retinal ganglion cells after injurySo, KF; Tay, DKC; Li, Suk-yee; 李淑儀
2006Nano hemostat solution: immediate hemostasis at the nanoscaleEllisBehnke, RG; Liang, YX; Tay, DKC; Wu, W; So, KF; Kau, PWF; Schneider, GE; Zhang, S
2007Using a 7 Tesla fMRI and Nano Contrast Agent to Visualize Regeneration of Axons in vivo after Chronic Injury in the Hamster Optic TractEllis-Behnke, RG; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; So, KF; Wu, EX