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2006Erratum: Nano neuro knitting: Peptide nanofiber scaffold for brain repair and axon regeneration with functional return of vision (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (March 28, 2006) 103, 13 (5054-5059) doi 10.1073/pnas.0600559103)EllisBehnke, RG; Liang, YX; Tay, DKC; So, KF; You, SW; Zhang, S; Scheider, GE
2009Forever young: How to control the elongation, differentiation, and proliferation of cells using nanotechnologyEllisBehnke, RG; Liang, YX; Tay, DKC; Wu, W; So, KF; Guo, J; Schneider, GE; Teather, LA
2007Nano neuro knitting: Using nanotechnology to repair the brain and spinal cordEllisBehnke, RG; Liang, YX; Tay, DKC; So, KF; You, SW; Zhang, S; Wu, T; Schneider, GE
2008Regenerative Medicine in VisionSo, KF; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; Ellis-Behnke, RG
2009Redefining tissue engineering for nanomedicine: Visualizing the progress of regenerating axons in the mammalian visual system after complete transection and treatment with self-assembling nanomaterialEllis-Behnke, RG; Liang, Y; Cheung, WH; So, KF; Wu, W; Tay, DKC
2006Neonatal disassociated hippocampal neural stem cells in self-assembled peptide scaffold without serumGuo, J; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; Ellis-Behnke, RG; Wu, W; So, KF
2008Nano contrast enhancement agents used in the eye for tracing axons: Trauma or illlumination?Ellis-Behnke, RG; Liang, Y; Cheung, SF; Tay, DKC; So, KF
1991Retinal axons can regrow following damage in both neonatal and adult golden hamstersIreland, SML; So, KF; Tay, DKC
2007Nanomachines that help repair the brainEllis-Behnke, RG; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; So, KF
2006Suprachiasmatic nucleus projecting retinal ganglion cells in golden hamsters development, morphology and relationship with NOS expressingamacrine cellsSo, KF; Tay, DKC; Chen, Baiyu.; 陳白羽.