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2004Self assembling peptide nano-fibre hydrogel scaffold for brain lesion repair: In-vivo experiment on damaged brainSo, KF; Ellis-Behnke, RG; Zhang, S; You, SW; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; Semino, CE; Schneider, GE
2005Immediate HemostasisEllis-Behnke, RG; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; Schneider, GE; So, KF
2009Nanomedicine for CNS regeneration and instant hemostasisSo, KF; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; Ellis-Behnke, RG
1991Morphological changes of retinal ganglion cells following intravitreal transplanation of a segment of peripheral nerveLei, JL; Lau, KC; Cho, EYP; Tay, DKC; So, KF
2005Non-melanopsin-expressing SCN-projecting ganglion cells in the golden hamster retinaPu, M; Chen, B; Tay, DKC; Yu, E; So, KF
2005Crystal Clear SurgeryEllis-Behnke, RG; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; So, KF
2007Combinations of self-assembling peptide nanofiber scaffold and chondroitinase-ABC appear to create a more permissive environment in optic tract brain lesion repair resulting in return of visionSo, KF; Liang, Y; Tay, DKC; Ellis-Behnke, RG
2005Cre-transgenic mouse line for conditional gene knockout in retinal rod bipolar cellsHuang, J; Zhang, X; Chen, B; Ng, AHL; Tanner, JA; Tay, DKC; So, KF; Rachel, RA; Copeland, NG; Jenkins, NA
2006Erratum: Nano neuro knitting: Peptide nanofiber scaffold for brain repair and axon regeneration with functional return of vision (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (March 28, 2006) 103, 13 (5054-5059) doi 10.1073/pnas.0600559103)EllisBehnke, RG; Liang, YX; Tay, DKC; So, KF; You, SW; Zhang, S; Scheider, GE
2009Forever young: How to control the elongation, differentiation, and proliferation of cells using nanotechnologyEllisBehnke, RG; Liang, YX; Tay, DKC; Wu, W; So, KF; Guo, J; Schneider, GE; Teather, LA