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2006Extact of Lycium barbarumexhibit cytoprotection on neurons againstg reducing stress on the endoplasmic reticlumHo, YS; Yu, MS; So, KF; Yuen, WH; Chang, RCC
2009Use of wolfberry polysaccharides to reduce risk factor of Alzheimer's disease: HomocysteineHo, YS; Yang, X; Yu, MS; So, KF; Yuen, WH; Chang, RCC
2007Neuronal apoptosis induced by extracellular accumulation of beta-amyloid peptides is independent of unfolded protein responsesYu, MS; Suen, KC; So, KF; Hugon, J; Chang, RCC; Lai, SW
2006Significance of neuroprotective polysaccharide from the flowers of Nerium indicum in beta-amyloid peptides neurotoxicityYu, MS; Yuen, WH; So, KF; Chang, RCC
2009Potential of herbal medicine in protecting neurons in neurodegenerative diseasesHo, YS; Yu, MS; Hong, SJ; Lin, ZX; So, KF; Chang, R; Lai, SW
2003Involvement of PKR in mediating the activation of caspases in b-amyloid peptide neurotoxicitySuen, KC; Yu, MS; Hugon, J; So, KF; Chang, RCC
2005Immunomodulatory effects of Lycium barbarum on neuroprotection in chronic ocular hypertensive modelIp, KC; Yu, MS; Yuen, WH; Zee, SSY; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Chiu, K
2004Absence of endoplasmic reticulum stress in early apoptosis in beta-amyloid peptide neurotoxicityYu, MS; Suen, KC; Kwok, NS; So, KF; Chang, RCC
2009Wolfberry polysaccharide protects primary cortical neurons from homocysteine-induced neurotoxicityHo, YS; Yu, MS; Yang, X; So, KF; Yuen, WH; Chang, RCC
2008Global protein translation control in beta-amyloid peptide induced neurotoxicityCheung, YT; Yu, MS; So, KF; Chang, RCC; Lai, SW