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2005The plasticity of hypothalamic magnocellular system following axonal damage by hypophysectomy in developing and adult ratsSo, KF; Yuan, Qiuju.; 袁秋菊.
2005Evaluation of calcium/calmodulin kinase II as therapeutic target in beta-amyloid peptide neurotoxicitySo, KF; Chang, RCC; Lin, Kim-fung.
2006Suprachiasmatic nucleus projecting retinal ganglion cells in golden hamsters development, morphology and relationship with NOS expressingamacrine cellsSo, KF; Tay, DKC; Chen, Baiyu.; 陳白羽.
2009Study of adult neurogenesis and molecular mechanism underlying sexual behavior in male rats following induction of depression-like behaviorand pharmacological treatmentSo, KF; Lau, Wui-Man, Benson.; 劉匯文.
2007Functional changes and differential cell death of retinal ganglion cells after injurySo, KF; Tay, DKC; Li, Suk-yee; 李淑儀
2008Assessment of the role of corticosterone and adiponectin in the neuroprotective effect of dietary restrictionSo, KF; Lee, TMC; Qiu, Guang.; 邱光.
2004Neuroprotective effect of Ginkgo biloba extract on retinal ganglion cells in a rat glaucoma modelSo, KF; Lai, Ching.; 賴晴.
2008Evaluation of using all-trans-retinoic acid to differentiate human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells in neurodegeneration researchChang, RCC; So, KF; Lau, Kwok-wai; 劉國威
2007Characterization of novel neuroprotectants for rescuing retinal ganglion cell loss in an ocular hypertensive model of glaucomaSo, KF; Fu, Qingling.; 付清玲.
2006Zebrafish telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT): molecularcloning, characterization and retinal expressionYip, HKF; Tsao, GSW; So, KF; Lau, Wui-man.; 劉匯文.