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2005Human MAD2B is essential for mutagenic DNA damage tolerance homolgous recombination and maintenance of genome stability.Cheung, HW; Wang, Q; Wong, YC; Tsao, GSW; Ling, MT; Wang, X
2005The helix-loop-helix transcription factor Id-1 promotes cellular proliferation and survival in esophageal carcinoma cellsCheung, A; Hui, CM; Cheung, PPY; Ling, MT; Tsao, GSW; Wong, YC; Wang, X
2005ID1 Upregulates Aurora Kinase A, Induces Centrosome abnormalities, Polyploidy and Disrupts Microtubule IntegrityMan, CWY; Rosa, J; Wu, ZQ; Akira, H; Jin, D; Ling, MT; Cheung, A; Kwong, YL; Doxsey, S; Tsao, GSW
2004Id1 expression induces androgen independent prostate cancer cell growth through activation of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R)Wong, YC; Ling, MT; Tsao, GSW; Wang, X
2003Activation of MAPK signaling pathway is essential for Id-1 induced serum independent prostate cancer cell growthWang, XH; Tsao, GSW; Wong, YC; Ling, MT
2005A novel anticancer effect of garlic derivatives: Inhibition of cancer cell invasion through restoration of E-cadherin expression.Chu, Q; Chua, CW; Cheung, HW; Tsao, GSW; Wong, YC; Ling, MT; Wang, X
2002Id-1 stimulates prostate cancer cell proliferation through inactivation of p16INK4a/pRb pathwayWong, YC; Ouyang, X; Ling, MT; Tsao, GSW; Wang, X
2002The alpha 1-adrenoceptor antagonist terazosin induces prostate cancer cell death through a p53 and Rb independent pathwayXu, K; Ling, MT; Tsao, GSW; Wong, YC; Wang, X
2005MAD2 expression induces chemosensitization to DNA damaging platin, in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cellsCheung, HW; Jin, D; Ling, MT; Wong, YC; Wang, Q; Tsao, GSW; Wang, X
2006Inactivation of Id-1 increases the sensitivity to TGF-beta-1 induced growth arrest in prostate epithelial cellsDi, K; Ling, MT; Tsao, GSW; Wong, YC; Wang, X