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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
1994Establishment and characterization of an immortalized human ovarian surface epithelial (HOSE) cellsTsao, GSW; Mok, CH; Wan, TSK; Knapp, RC; Berkowitz, RS
1997Evaluation of immunoreactivity of erB protooncogene as prognostic marker in Chinese patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinomaHe, D; Tsao, GSW
1999Overexpression of a kallikrein-like protein in ventral prostate secretion at early stage of carcinogenesis in the Noble ratXie, W; Wong, YC; Tsao, GSW; Wong, NS
1995Study of p53 abnormal protein expression and DNA mutation and HPV in cervical cancerNgan, HYS; Stanley, M; Tsao, GSW; Ma, HK; Liu, SS
1998Expression of Bc1-2, Ki-67 and PCNA in ventral prostate and prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) in the Noble ratXie, W; Wong, YC; Tsao, GSW
1997Abnormal expression of p53, EGFR, erbB2, C-MYC, RAS and C-kit in cervical cancer - Study by immunohistochemical StainingNgan, HYS; Liu, S; Tsao, GSW
1996High frequency of telomeric associations in human ovarian suface epithelial cells transformed by HPV oncogenesWan, TSK; Chan, ACL; Tsao, GSW
1999Induction of breast cancer in Noble rats with a combination of estrogen and testosteroneWong, YC; Xie, B; Tsao, GSW
1999Isolation and purification of breast carcinoma cell line from a Noble ratXie, B; Wong, YC; Tsao, GSW
1999Telomere dynamics and telomeric associatin (tas) in human ovarian surface epithelial cells undergoing immortalizationTsao, GSW; Wan, TSK; Martens, UM; Chan, LC; Lansdorp, PM