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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2009HPV16-E6E7 expression leads to centromeric instability in human cervical epithelial cellsDeng, W; Cheung, A; Tsao, GSW
2009Chromosome 3p12.3-p14.2 and 3q26.2-q26.32 are genomic markers for prognosis of advanced nasopharyngeal carcinomaSheu, JJC; Lee, CH; Ko, JY; Tsao, GSW; Wu, CC; Fang, CY; Tsai, FJ; Hua, CH; Chen, CL; Chen, JY
2009Epstein-barr virus infection in nasopharyngeal epithelial cellsTsao, GSW; Tsang, Chi-man.; 曾智敏.
2009Chromodomain helicase/adenosine triphosphatase DNA binding protein 1-like (CHD1L) gene suppresses the nucleus-to-mitochondria translocation of Nur77 to sustain hepatocellular carcinoma cell survivalChen, L; Hu, L; Chan, THM; Tsao, GSW; Xie, D; Huo, KK; Fu, L; Ma, S; Zheng, BJ; Guan, XY
20091d-1 activation of P13K/Akt signaling pathway and its significance in promoting tumorigenicity and metastasis of human esophageal cancel cellsCheung, A; Li, B; Tsao, GSW; Li, YY; Ling, MT; Wong, YC; He, QY; Wang, X
2009The anti-apoptotic role of telomerase in spinal cord motor neuronsNiu, C; Tsao, GSW; Yip, HKF
2009Functional Studies of a cell cycle and angiogenesis-related candidate tumor suppressor gene, Mirror image polydactyly 1, in nasopharyngeal carcinomaKo, JMY; Stanbridge, EJ; Zabarovsky, ER; Cheng, Y; Lung, ML; Lung, HL; Nicholls, JM; Chua, DTT; Tsao, GSW; Guan, XY; Cheung, AKL
2009The Epstein-Barr virus-encoded LMP1 extended the life span and immortalized nasopharyngeal epithelial cellsYip, YL; Jin, Y; Deng, W; Man, CWY; Cheung, PPY; Chen, H; Cheung, A; Tsao, GSW; Tsang, CM
2009Characterization of arsenic transformed rat lung epithelial cells (TLECs) by biochemical and proteomic approachesTsao, GSW; Lee, Lai-sheung; 李麗裳
2009Telomerase expression and activity promote retinal ganglion cell survival after optic nerve injuryNiu, C; Tsao, GSW; Yip, HKF