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2005Physical status of HPV-16 in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaSi, HX; Tsao, SW; Poon, CSP; Wong, YC; Cheung, ALM
2007Identification of a novel tumor transforming gene GAEC1 at 7q22 which encodes a nuclear protein and is frequently amplified and overexpressed in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.Law, S; Tsao, SW; Wong, J; Srivastava, G; Law, FB; Chen, YW; Wong, KY; Ying, J; Tao, Q; Langford, C; Lee, PY; Cheung, RW; Chui, CH; Lam, KY; Tang, JC
2012Clinical correlation of nuclear survivin in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaChan, KW; Luk, JM; Lee, NP; Srivastava, G; Tsao, SW; Law, S; Hui, MKC; Lai, KKY; Chung, Y; Cheung, LCM; Tang, JC
1987Evidence that epidermal growth factor is present in swiftlet's (Collocalia) nestKong, YC; Keung, WM; Yip, TT; Ko, KM; Tsao, SW; Ng, MH
1983Further observations on mechanisms of bone destruction by squamous carcinomas of the head and neck: The role of host stromaTsao, SW; Burman, JF; Pittam, MR; Carter, RL
1990Reduced membrane protein associated with resistance of human squamous carcinoma cells to methotrexate and cis-platinumBernal, SD; Speak, JA; Boeheim, K; Dreyfuss, AI; Wright, JE; Teicher, BA; Rosowsky, A; Tsao, SW; Wong, YC
1989Ultrastructural localization of a new surface membrane antigen (SQM1) related to squamous differentiationTsao, SW; Chew, EC; Yam, HF; Bernal, SD
1992p53 mutation in human nasopharyngeal carcinomasLo, KW; Mok, CH; Huang, DP; Liu, YX; Choi, PHK; Lee, JCK; Tsao, SW
1993Mutation of K-ras protooncogene in human ovarian epithelial tumors of borderline malignancyMok, SCH; Bell, DA; Knapp, RC; Fishbaugh, PM; Welch, WR; Muto, MG; Berkowitz, RS; Tsao, SW
2000Structural changes and alteration in expression of TGF-β1 and its receptors in prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) in the ventral prostate of noble ratsWong, YC; Xie, W; Tsao, SW