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1968Treatment of infected dental pulps of monkeys with vancomycin and hyaluronidaseEggers, Eugene S. (Eugene Sherman), 1937-
1968Dental defects and rubella embryopathy: A Clinical study of fifty childrenMcDonald, Ralph E., 1920-; Standish, S. Miles, 1923-2003; Gish, Charles W., 1923-; Garner, La Forrest Dean, 1933-; Cunningham, Donald M.; Musselman, Robert Jay, 1939-
1968Continued apical development of pulpless permanent teeth following endontic therapyMcDonald, Ralph E., 1920-; Van Huysen, Grant; Garner, La Forrest Dean, 1933-; Norman, Richard Daviess, 1927-; Gish, Charles W., 1923-; Camp, Joe Henderson, 1939-
1968Effect of a stable 30 per cent stannous fluoride solution on recurrent caries around amalgam restorationsMcDonald, Ralph E., 1920-; Stookey, George K.; Mercer, Victor H., 1928-; Swartz, Marjorie L.; Garner, La Forrest Dean, 1933-; Shafer, William G.; Alexander, William Everett, 1938-
1968The effects of prolonged infusion of noradrenaline on the body weight and oxygen consumption of albino ratsWang, Chi-ching, James; 王紀慶
1968Studies on the developmental and regenerative histology of the tail ofHemidactylus bowringi (Gray)廖獻貞; Liu, Hin-ching.
1968Synthesis of [l-Isoleucine-, 3-Proline-, and 5-Alanine]-angiotensins.IIKhosla, M C; Chaturvedi, N C; Smeby, R R; Bumpus, F M
1968Biologically Active Carissone Derivatives.BHADURI, A P; RASTOGI, R P; KHANNA, N M
1968Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum ofBhatnagar, A K; Bhattachari, S; Popli, S P
1968Studies in Medicinal Plants: Part 1-Chemical Constituents of Berberis asiatica Roxb.BHAKUNI, D S; SHOEB, A; POPLI, S P