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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
1978Biochemical and immunological studies of cell surface antigens on lymphoblastoid cellsNg, Wai-shing; 吳偉成
1976A bacteriological and immunological study of human salmonella infections, with special reference to Hong KongChau, Pak-yin.; 周伯燕.
1978Hybrid molecules of human interferon and human immunoglobulins: synthesis, purification andcharacterization.Fung, Kwok-pui; 馮國培
1978A comparative study of the bacterial flora of oyster, mussel and clam in Hong Kong, with special reference to the accumulation of faecalbacteria and clearance in the ultra-violet depuration systemKueh, Show-wu, Cathie.; 郭王曉湖.
1978Escherichia coli serotypes isolated from urinary tract infections and recurrent pyogenic cholangitis in Hong KongWong, Woon-to, Fred; 黃煥滔
1971Dental developmental age versus chronological age as predictors of children's functioning in five developmental skill areasMercer, Victor H., 1928-; Barton, Douglas Harvey, 1943-
1973A laboratory comparison of the adhesion of unfilled and composite resins to acid etched enamelRoche, James R., 1924-; Starkey, Paul E.; Swartz, Marjorie L.; Koerber, Leonard G.; Barton, Paul; Aubuchon, Robert W. (Robert Wayne), 1946-
1971Retention of resin restorations by means of enamel etching and by pinsGarner, La Forrest Dean, 1933-; Gilmore, H. William (Homer William); Norman, Richard Daviess, 1927-; Ayers, Alvin James, 1941-
1974An evaluation of tetracycline stain removal by bleaching vital rabbit incisorsRoche, James R., 1924-, Research Committee Chair; Klein, Arthur Irving, 1922-2004; Katz, Simon, 1920-1987; Koerber, Leonard G.; Mitchell, David F.; Fleege, Patrick A., 1945-
1978Chlorhexidine as a recurrent marginal caries inhibitor; a televison microscope evaluationGleiser, Rogerio, 1952-