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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
1980The electrophoresis of transferrins in urea/polyacrylamide gelsEvans, RW; Williams, J
1987X-ray diffraction studies of organic monolayers on the surface of waterDutta, P; Peng, JB; Lin, B; Ketterson, JB; Prakash, M; Georgopoulos, P; Ehrlich, S
1989Dual frequency microwave radiometerXu, Peiyuan; Jin, Peiyu; Yao, Zhuanliang; Fang, Zhenhuo; Li, MingXiang; Wang, Zhenrong; Zheng, Jiahao; Zhao, Conglong; Lin, Bin
1989Yang-Lee zeros, Julia sets, and their singularity spectraHu, B; Lin, B
1988Synchrotron diffraction studies of lead octadecanoate, tetracosanoic acid and 1-eicosanol monolayers on waterLin, B; Peng, JB; Ketterson, JB; Dutta, P
1988Apparatus for making A/B superlattice Langmuir-Blodgett filmsLin, B; Peng, JB; Dutta, P; Ketterson, JB; Wong, G
1985Late onset of huntington's diseaseMyers, R.H.; Sax, D.S.; Schoenfeld, M; Bird, E.D.; Wolf, P.A.; Vonsattel, J.P.; White, R.F.; Martin, J.B.
1984Occupational lead neurotoxicity: A behavioural and electrophysiological evaluation. study design and year one results.Baker, E.L.; Feldman, R.G.; White, R.A.; Harley, J.P.; Niles, C.A.; Dinse, G.E.; Berkey, C.S.
1985Occupational lead neurotoxicity: Improvement in behavioural effects after reduction of exposure.Baker, E.L.; White, R.F.; Pothier, L.J.; Berkey, C.S.; Dinse, G.E.; Travers, P.H.; Harley, J.P.; Feldman, R.G.
1-Feb-1983Monitoring neurotoxins in industry: development of a neurobehavioral test batteryBaker, E. L.; Feldman, R. G.; White, R. F.; Harley, J. P.; Dinse, G. E.; Berkey, C. S.