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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2007The prevalence and clinical presentation of fibularis myofascial trigger points in the assessment and treatment of inversion ankle sprainsVan der Toorn, Ingrid
2007The effect of differing clinical settings on chiropractic patients suffering from mechanical low back painRichardson, Grant Walter
2005The relationship between myofascial trigger points, total work and other recorded measurements of the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis, in long-distance runners with patellofermoral pain syndromeDaly, Gail
2005The short-term effect of manipulation of selected cervical spinal segments on the peak torque of the rotator cuff in asymtomatic patients with and without mechanical cervical spine dysfunctionBotha, Warrick
2004The immediate effect of spinal manipulative therapy on club head velocity in amateur golfers suffering from mechanical low back painJermyn, Gareth John
2003The association between myofascial trigger points of the quadriceps femoris muscle and the clinical presentation of patellofemoral pain syndrome using a piloted patellofemoral pain severity scaleDippenaar, Donna Lisa
2005The relative effectiveness of manipulation versus a combination of manipulation and oral Traumeel S in the treatment of mechanical neck painHarpham, Graeme John
2003Lower respiratory tract disorders and thoracic spine pain and dysfunction in subjects presenting to the Durban Institute of Technology Chiropractic Day Clinic : a retrospective clinical surveyEdmunds, Brett
2005A pilot controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of instrument manipulation in the management of symptomatic canine hip dysplasiaMeuwese, Tamara Gien
2003The treatment of myofascial pain syndrome using therapeutic ultrasound, on upper trapezius trigger points : a double-blinded placebo controlled study comparing the pulsed and continuous waveforms of ultrasoundPillay, Magendran Ganas