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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2006The prevalence and factors associated with occupational overuse syndrome in the hands and wrists of chiropractors in South AfricaMathews, Michael
2005An investigation into the association between the severity of patellofemoral pain syndrome and patella mobilityScott, Justin James
2003The effect of a sacroiliac joint manipulation on hip rotation ranges of motion in patients suffering with chronic sacroiliac syndromeBisset, Gregory
2005The efficacy of the Graston technique instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation (GISTM) in the treatment of plantar fasciitis in runnersMaartens, Kirsten
2005The relative effectiveness of muscle energy technique compared to manipulation in the treatment of chronic stable ankle inversion sprainsJoseph, Lynette Colleen
2007A cross sectional cohort pilot study of the activation and endurance of the transversus abdominis muscle in three populationsFerguson, Sarah Kim
2005The relative effectiveness of muscle energy technique as opposed to specific passive mobilization in the treatment of acute and sub-acute mechanical low back painPillay, Keshnee
2006A double-blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of the Harpago and celery seed cream in mild to moderate degenerative joint disease of the kneePillay, Desigan
2005The evaluation of ultrasonographic findings in the management of plantar fasciitis in runners and the association with clinical findingsDunn, Shoshanna Lee
2006A study investigating the role of psychosocial factors in the progression of learners in an Applied Health Sciences Master's Programme : a higher education perspectiveGrant, Bruce