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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2003The relative effectiveness of proprioceptive exercises as an adjunct to cervical spine manipulation in the treatment of chronic cervical spine pain and disability associated with whiplash injuryMoulder, Nicole
2005An investigation to determine the effect of short term low-dye taping on vertical ground reaction forces in asymptomatic PES planus, cavus and normal feetElphinstone, John Wayne
2005The relative effectiveness and correct sequencing of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques (PNFT) and active rocker-board exercises in the rehabilitation of chronic ankle sprainsGaines, Dominique
2003The effectiveness of manipulation of the subtalar joint combined with static stretching of the triceps surae muscles compared to manipulation alone in the treatment of Plantar FasciitisBlake, Terri Lyndal
2007A retrospective cross-sectional survey of lumbo-sacral cases recorded at the D.U.T. Chiropractic Day Clinic (1995-2005)Jaman, Ravina
2006A study of the demographic and epidemiological factors affecting referral patterns between chiropractors and homeopaths in the greater Durban metro areaPillay, Kumaran Devindran
2003A study to determine if the prevalence of spinal joint dysfunctions are influenced by whether or not infants suffer from infantile colicVan Lingen, Caroline
2005An investigation into the effectiveness of dry needling of myofascial trigger points on total work and other recorded measurements of the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis muscles in patellofermoral pain syndrome in long distance runnersWeyer-Henderson, Donna
2005The knowledge of general practitioners about chiropractic as a factor that may influence health care integration in South AfricaLouw, Jan Daniel
2003The relative effectiveness of periosteal pecking combined with therapeutic ultrasound compared to therapeutic ultrasound in the treatment of medial tibial stress syndrome type IIRobertson, Moira Eleanora