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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
9781597455695.pdf.jpg2008National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIedited by Vassil St. Georgiev, Vassil St. Georgiev, Karl A. Western, John J. McGowan
0387228527.pdf.jpg2005Antibiotic Policiesedited by Ian M. Gould, Jos W. M. Meer
2008Acute Schistosoma mansoni Infection Increases Susceptibility to Systemic SHIV Clade C Infection in Rhesus Macaques after Mucosal Virus ExposureChenine, Agnès-Laurence; Shai-Kobiler, Ela; Steele, Lisa N.; Ong, Helena; Augostini, Peter; Song, Ruijiang; Autissier, Patrick; Secor, W. Evan; Lee, Sandra J.; Ruprecht, Ruth Margrit
2009The Risk of Virologic Failure Decreases with Duration of HIV Suppression, at Greater than 50% Adherence to Antiretroviral TherapyRosenblum, Michael; Deeks, Steven G.; van der Laan, Mark; Bangsberg, David Roy
2008Lack of Association between Measles Virus Vaccine and Autism with Enteropathy: A Case-Control StudyHornig, Mady; Briese, Thomas; Siemetzki, Ulrike; Hummel, Kimberly; Rota, Paul A.; Bellini, William J.; Sheils, Orla; Alden, Errol; Pickering, Larry; Lipkin, W. Ian; Cookson, Mark R.; Buie, Timothy M.; Bauman, Margaret Estelle Lang; Lauwers, Gregory Y.; O'Leary, John J.
2008Inactivation of Poxviruses by Upper-Room UVC Light in a Simulated Hospital Room EnvironmentMcDevitt, James J; Milton, Donald Kirby; Rudnick, Stephen N.; First, Melvin W.
2009The Severity of Pandemic H1N1 Influenza in the United States, from April to July 2009: A Bayesian AnalysisPresanis, Anne M.; De Angelis, Daniela; Hagy, Angela; Reed, Carrie; Riley, Steven; Cooper, Ben S.; Finelli, Lyn; Biedrzycki, Paul; Simonsen, Lone; Lipsitch, Marc; The New York City Swine Flu Investigation Team
2008Influenza Virus in Human Exhaled Breath: An Observational StudyFabian, Patricia; McDevitt, James J; DeHaan, Wesley H.; Fung, Rita O. P.; Cowling, Benjamin J.; Chan, Kwok Hung; Leung, Gabriel M.; Milton, Donald Kirby; Fouchier, Ron A. M.
2009Early Antiretroviral Therapy Reduces AIDS Progression/Death in Individuals with Acute Opportunistic Infections: A Multicenter Randomized Strategy TrialZolopa, Andrew R.; Sanne, Ian; Hogg, Evelyn; Suckow, Carol; Powderly, William; Andersen, Janet W.; Komarow, Lauren Hope; Sanchez, Alejandro
2009Characteristics of HIV-1 Discordant Couples Enrolled in a Trial of HSV-2 Suppression to Reduce HIV-1 Transmission: The Partners StudyLingappa, Jairam R.; Kahle, Erin; Mugo, Nelly; Mujugira, Andrew; Magaret, Amalia; Baeten, Jared; Bukusi, Elizabeth A.; Cohen, Craig R.; Katabira, Elly; Ronald, Allan; Kiarie, James; Farquhar, Carey; Stewart, Grace John; Were, Edwin; Fife, Kenneth; deBruyn, Guy; Gray, Glenda; Manongi, Rachel; Coetzee, David; Allen, Susan; Inambao, Mubiana; Kayitenkore, Kayitesi; Karita, Etienne; Kanweka, William; Delany, Sinead; Rees, Helen; Vwalika, Bellington; Coombs, Robert W.; Morrow, Rhoda; Whittington, William; Corey, Lawrence; Wald, Anna; Celum, Connie; Emery, Sean; Makhema, Joseph Moeketsi; Essex, Myron Elmer; McIntyre, James Francis; Kapiga, Saidi Hussein