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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2007A group analysis evaluation of the class Insecta in terms of known materia medicaVogel, Alta
2006An Integrated Strategy for Analyzing the Unique Developmental Programs of Different Myoblast SubtypesEstrada, Beatriz; Choe, Sung E; Gisselbrecht, Stephen S; Michaud, Sebastien; Busser, Brian W; Halfon, Marc S; Raj, Lakshmi; Church, George McDonald; Michelson, Alan D
16-Mar-2010Vicki Kerrigan (ABC local radio) interviews Vicki Krause (Director of the Centre for Disease Control in the Department of Health and Families) about swine flu (H1N1 influenza) and Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE)Krause, Vicki; Kerrigan, Vicki
6-Apr-2009The potential arbovirus diseases in the Top End of the Northern Territory and the outlook for the remainder of the 1995/96 wet seasonWhelan, Peter I
17-Apr-2009Increased surveillance of exotic mosquitoes in Darwin after Bali terrorist attack 12 Oct 2002Lamche, Gisela
28-Apr-2009Potential distribution of the Asian disease vector Culex gelidus Theobald (Diptera: Culicidae) in Australia and New Zealand: a prediction based on climate suitabilityWilliams, Craig R; Ritchie, Scott A; Whelan, Peter I
28-Apr-2009Confirmed case of Ross River virus infection acquired in Alice Springs March 1995Whelan, Peter I; Krause, Vicki; Horsburgh, Karl; Sutherland, Gregor; Rossiter, Jenny
27-Apr-2009The epidemiology of arbovirus infection in the Northern Territory 1980-92Whelan, Peter I; Merianos, Angela; Patel, M; Tai, K S; Currie, Bart
28-Apr-2009Integrated mosquito control in DarwinWhelan, Peter I
27-Apr-2009Murrumujuk Gunn Point area - biting insect investigationWhelan, Peter I