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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
9781489973993.pdf.jpg2014Endogenous Stem Cell-Based Brain Remodeling in MammalsJunier, M Arie-Pierre; Kernie, Steven G
9781493919086.pdf.jpg2015Neural Stem Cells in Development, Adulthood and DiseaseKuhn, H Georg; Eisch, Ameli A J
9788132219194.pdf.jpg2014Connexins: The Gap Junction ProteinsHuss Ain, Dr M Ahboob Ul
9781461490999.pdf.jpg2014Role of proteases in cellular dysfunctionDh All A, N Ar Anj An S; Ch Akr Aborti, S Aj Al
2013Functional Contribution of the Transcription Factor ATF4 to the Pathogenesis of Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisMatus, Soledad; Lopez, Estefanía; Valenzuela, Vicente; Nassif, Melissa; Hetz, Claudio
2013Network-Level Structural Abnormalities of Cerebral Cortex in Type 1 Diabetes MellitusLyoo, In Kyoon; Yoon, Sujung; Renshaw, Perry F.; Hwang, Jaeuk; Bae, Sujin; Musen, Gail; Kim, Jieun E.; Bolo, Nicolas; Jeong, Hyeonseok S.; Simonson, Donald C.; Lee, Sun Hea; Weinger, Katie; Jung, Jiyoung J.; Ryan, Christopher M.; Choi, Yera; Jacobson, Alan M.
2014Pathway Analyses Implicate Glial Cells in SchizophreniaDuncan, Laramie E.; Holmans, Peter A.; Lee, Phil H.; O'Dushlaine, Colm T.; Kirby, Andrew W.; Smoller, Jordan W.; Öngür, Dost; Cohen, Bruce M.
2014Three New Genetic Loci (R1210C in CFH, Variants in COL8A1 and RAD51B) Are Independently Related to Progression to Advanced Macular DegenerationSeddon, Johanna M.; Reynolds, Robyn; Yu, Yi; Rosner, Bernard
2013Are All Placebo Effects Equal? Placebo Pills, Sham Acupuncture, Cue Conditioning and Their AssociationKong, Jian; Spaeth, Rosa; Cook, Amanda; Kirsch, Irving; Claggett, Brian; Vangel, Mark; Gollub, Randy L.; Smoller, Jordan W.; Kaptchuk, Ted J.
2014Selectivity in Genetic Association with Sub-classified Migraine in WomenChasman, Daniel I.; Anttila, Verneri; Buring, Julie E.; Ridker, Paul M.; Schürks, Markus; Kurth, Tobias