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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2013Passing Messages between Biological Networks to Refine Predicted InteractionsGlass, Kimberly; Huttenhower, Curtis; Quackenbush, John; Yuan, Guo-Cheng
2012Global Assessment of Genomic Regions Required for Growth in Mycobacterium tuberculosisIoerger, Thomas R.; Long, Jarukit E.; Sassetti, Christopher M.; Sacchettini, James C.; Huttenhower, Curtis; Rubin, Eric Joseph; Zhang, Yanjia Jason
2012Chapter 12: Human Microbiome AnalysisMorgan, Xochitl C.; Huttenhower, Curtis
2012Microbial Co-occurrence Relationships in the Human MicrobiomeFaust, Karoline; Sathirapongsasuti, Jarupon Fah; Izard, Jacques Georges; Segata, Nicola; Gevers, Dirk; Raes, Jeroen; Huttenhower, Curtis
2012The Human Microbiome Project: A Community Resource for the Healthy Human MicrobiomeGevers, Dirk; Knight, Rob; Petrosino, Joseph F.; Huang, Katherine; McGuire, Amy L.; Birren, Bruce W.; Nelson, Karen E.; White, Owen; Methé, Barbara A.; Huttenhower, Curtis
2013A Guide to Enterotypes across the Human Body: Meta-Analysis of Microbial Community Structures in Human Microbiome DatasetsKoren, Omry; Knights, Daniel; Gonzalez, Antonio; Waldron, Levi D.; Segata, Nicola; Knight, Rob; Huttenhower, Curtis; Ley, Ruth E.
2013Simultaneous Quantification of Multiple Bacteria by the BactoChip Microarray Designed to Target Species-Specific Marker GenesBallarini, Annalisa; Segata, Nicola; Huttenhower, Curtis; Jousson, Olivier
2012Bioinformatics for the Human Microbiome ProjectGevers, Dirk; Pop, Mihai; Schloss, Patrick D.; Huttenhower, Curtis
2012Metabolic Reconstruction for Metagenomic Data and Its Application to the Human MicrobiomeAbubucker, Sahar; Goll, Johannes; Schubert, Alyxandria M.; Cantarel, Brandi L.; Rodriguez-Mueller, Beltran; Thiagarajan, Mathangi; Henrissat, Bernard; White, Owen; Kelley, Scott T.; Methé, Barbara; Schloss, Patrick D.; Gevers, Dirk; Mitreva, Makedonka; Segata, Nicola; Izard, Jacques Georges; Zucker, Jeremy Daniel Hofeld; Huttenhower, Curtis
2012A Metagenomic Approach to Characterization of the Vaginal Microbiome Signature in PregnancyAagaard, Kjersti; Riehle, Kevin; Mistretta, Toni-Ann; Coarfa, Cristian; Raza, Sabeen; Rosenbaum, Sean; Van den Veyver, Ignatia; Milosavljevic, Aleksandar; Gevers, Dirk; Petrosino, Joseph; Versalovic, James; Ma, Jun; Huttenhower, Curtis; Segata, Nicola