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2014Electron Tomography of HIV-1 Infection in Gut-Associated Lymphoid TissueLadinsky, Mark S.; Kieffer, Collin; Olson, Gregory; Deruaz, Maud; Vrbanac, Vladimir; Tager, Andrew M.; Kwon, Douglas S.; Bjorkman, Pamela J.
2014Characterization of Defects in Ion Transport and Tissue Development in Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR)-Knockout RatsTuggle, Katherine L.; Birket, Susan E.; Cui, Xiaoxia; Hong, Jeong; Warren, Joe; Reid, Lara; Chambers, Andre; Ji, Diana; Gamber, Kevin; Chu, Kengyeh K.; Tearney, Guillermo; Tang, Li Ping; Fortenberry, James A.; Du, Ming; Cadillac, Joan M.; Bedwell, David M.; Rowe, Steven M.; Sorscher, Eric J.; Fanucchi, Michelle V.
2014MMP9 Processing of HSPB1 Regulates Tumor ProgressionChoi, Seo-hyun; Lee, Hae-June; Jin, Yeung Bae; Jang, Junho; Kang, Ga-Young; Lee, Minyoung; Kim, Chun-Ho; Kim, Joon; Yoon, Sam S.; Lee, Yun-Sil; Lee, Yoon-Jin
2014SIV Vpx Is Essential for Macrophage Infection but Not for Development of AIDSWestmoreland, Susan V.; Converse, A. Peter; Hrecka, Kasia; Hurley, Mollie; Knight, Heather; Piatak, Michael; Lifson, Jeffrey; Mansfield, Keith G.; Skowronski, Jacek; Desrosiers, Ronald C.
2014Phosphomimetic Modulation of eNOS Improves Myocardial Reperfusion and Mimics Cardiac Postconditioning in MicePong, Terrence; Scherrer-Crosbie, Marielle; Atochin, Dmitriy N.; Bloch, Kenneth D.; Huang, Paul L.
2014Cell-Cycle Dependent Expression of a Translocation-Mediated Fusion Oncogene Mediates Checkpoint Adaptation in RhabdomyosarcomaKikuchi, Ken; Hettmer, Simone; Aslam, M. Imran; Michalek, Joel E.; Laub, Wolfram; Wilky, Breelyn A.; Loeb, David M.; Rubin, Brian P.; Wagers, Amy J.; Keller, Charles
2014Sirtuin1 Over-Expression Does Not Impact Retinal Vascular and Neuronal Degeneration in a Mouse Model of Oxygen-Induced RetinopathyMichan, Shaday; Juan, Aimee M.; Hurst, Christian G.; Cui, Zhenghao; Evans, Lucy P.; Hatton, Colman J.; Pei, Dorothy T.; Ju, Meihua; Sinclair, David A.; Smith, Lois E. H.; Chen, Jing
2014Myosin Va Plays a Role in Nitrergic Smooth Muscle Relaxation in Gastric Fundus and Corpora Cavernosa of PenisChaudhury, Arun; Cristofaro, Vivian; Carew, Josephine A.; Goyal, Raj K.; Sullivan, Maryrose P.
2014Modifier Genes as Therapeutics: The Nuclear Hormone Receptor Rev Erb Alpha (Nr1d1) Rescues Nr2e3 Associated Retinal DiseaseCruz, Nelly M.; Yuan, Yang; Leehy, Barrett D.; Baid, Rinku; Kompella, Uday; DeAngelis, Margaret M.; Escher, Pascal; Haider, Neena B.
2014Interdependence of Bad and Puma during Ionizing-Radiation-Induced ApoptosisToruno, Cristhian; Carbonneau, Seth; Stewart, Rodney A.; Jette, Cicely