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2013Ferristatin II Promotes Degradation of Transferrin Receptor-1 In Vitro and In VivoByrne, Shaina L.; Buckett, Peter D.; Kim, Jonghan; Luo, Flora; Sanford, Jack; Chen, Juxing; Enns, Caroline; Wessling-Resnick, Marianne
2013Reconstruction and Validation of a Genome-Scale Metabolic Model for the Filamentous Fungus Neurospora crassa Using FARMDreyfuss, Jonathan M.; Zucker, Jeremy D.; Hood, Heather M.; Ocasio, Linda R.; Sachs, Matthew S.; Galagan, James E.
2014The Relationship between Inflammatory Biomarkers and Telomere Length in an Occupational Prospective Cohort StudyWong, Jason Y. Y.; De Vivo, Immaculata; Lin, Xihong; Fang, Shona C.; Christiani, David C.
2014PprA Contributes to Deinococcus radiodurans Resistance to Nalidixic Acid, Genome Maintenance after DNA Damage and Interacts with Deinococcal TopoisomerasesKota, Swathi; Charaka, Vijaya K.; Ringgaard, Simon; Waldor, Matthew K.; Misra, Hari S.
2013Genetic Susceptible Locus in NOTCH2 Interacts with Arsenic in Drinking Water on Risk of Type 2 DiabetesPan, Wen-Chi; Kile, Molly L.; Seow, Wei Jie; Lin, Xihong; Quamruzzaman, Quazi; Rahman, Mahmuder; Mahiuddin, Golam; Mostofa, Golam; Lu, Quan; Christiani, David C.
2014Low LDL-C and High HDL-C Levels Are Associated with Elevated Serum Transaminases amongst Adults in the United States: A Cross-sectional StudyJiang, Zhenghui Gordon; Mukamal, Kenneth; Tapper, Elliot; Robson, Simon C.; Tsugawa, Yusuke
2014Predictive Value of Updating Framingham Risk Scores with Novel Risk Markers in the U.S. General PopulationFerket, Bart S.; van Kempen, Bob J. H.; Hunink, M. G. Myriam; Agarwal, Isha; Kavousi, Maryam; Franco, Oscar H.; Steyerberg, Ewout W.; Max, Wendy; Fleischmann, Kirsten E.
2014Anti-Neuroinflammatory Effects of the Calcium Channel Blocker Nicardipine on Microglial Cells: Implications for NeuroprotectionHuang, Bor-Ren; Chang, Pei-Chun; Yeh, Wei-Lan; Lee, Chih-Hao; Tsai, Cheng-Fang; Lin, Chingju; Lin, Hsiao-Yun; Liu, Yu-Shu; Wu, Caren Yu-Ju; Ko, Pei-Ying; Huang, Shiang-Suo; Hsu, Horng-Chaung; Lu, Dah-Yuu
2012Rhodopsin Expression Level Affects Rod Outer Segment Morphology and Photoresponse KineticsMichaud, Norman A.; Covington, Henry I.; DiBenedetto, Emmanuele; Hamm, Heidi E.; Lem, Janis; Caruso, Giovanni; Makino, Clint L.; Wen, Xiao-Hong
2012p53 Modulation as a Therapeutic Strategy in Gastrointestinal Stromal TumorsHenze, Joern; Mühlenberg, Thomas; Simon, Susanne; Grabellus, Florian; Rubin, Brian; Taeger, Georg; Schuler, Martin; Treckmann, Juergen; Debiec-Rychter, Maria; Taguchi, Takahiro; Bauer, Sebastian; Fletcher, Jonathan A.