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2012IFNγ Inhibits the Cytosolic Replication of Shigella flexneri via the Cytoplasmic RNA Sensor RIG-IJehl, Stephanie P.; Nogueira, Catarina V.; Zhang, Xuqing; Starnbach, Michael N.
2012Identification of Protective Pneumococcal \(T_{H}17\) Antigens from the Soluble Fraction of a Killed Whole Cell VaccineMoffitt, Kristin Leigh; Malley, Richard; Lu, Ying-Jie
2012Studies of Dynamic Protein-Protein Interactions in Bacteria Using Renilla Luciferase Complementation Are Undermined by Nonspecific Enzyme InhibitionHatzios, Stavroula-Artemis K.; Ringgaard, Simon; Davis, Brigid; Waldor, Matthew K.
2012A Comparison of Computational Methods for Identifying Virulence FactorsZheng, Lu-Lu; Li, Yi-Xue; Guo, Xiao-Kui; Feng, Kai-Yan; Wang, Ya-Jun; Hu, Le-Le; Cai, Yu-Dong; Chou, Kuo-Chen; Ding, Juan; Hao, Pei
2012T Cell Activation Markers and African Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups among Non-Hispanic Black Participants in AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study 384Hulgan, Todd; Kalams, Spyros A.; Samuels, David C.; Grady, Benjamin; Shafer, Robert; Murdock, Deborah G.; Selph, Doug; Haas, David W.; Pollard, Richard B.; Robbins, Gregory Kimball
2012Ifitm3 Limits the Severity of Acute Influenza in MiceKam, Christina; Farzan, Michael; Huang, I-Chueh; Bailey, Charles C
2012Identification and Characterization of a Broadly Cross-Reactive HIV-1 Human Monoclonal Antibody That Binds to Both gp120 and gp41Zhang, Mei-Yun; Yuan, Tingting; Rosa Borges, Andrew; Guenaga, Javier; Yang, Zheng; Wang, Yanping; Li, Yuxing; Polonis, Victoria R.; Pincus, Seth H.; Dimitrov, Dimiter S.; Li, Jingjing; Watkins, Jennifer D; Ruprecht, Ruth Margrit; Wilson, Richard
2012A Neonatal Model of Intravenous Staphylococcus epidermidis Infection in Mice <24 h Old Enables Characterization of Early Innate Immune ResponsesKronforst, Kenny D.; Mancuso, Christy J.; Power Coombs, Melanie R.; Stevens, Chad; Otto, Michael; Mallard, Carina; Wang, Xiaoyang; Pettengill, Matthew A; Ninkovic, Jana; Goldmann, Donald Alan; Levy, Ofer
2012Synthesis and Evaluation of a Conjugate Vaccine Composed of Staphylococcus aureus Poly-N-Acetyl-Glucosamine and Clumping Factor ABentancor, Leticia V.; Bozkurt-Guzel, Cagla; O'Malley, Jennifer M.; Cywes-Bentley, Colette; Maira-Litran, Tomas; Pier, Gerald B.
2012Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Dengue-Virus EntrySchmidt, Aaron Gregory; Lee, Kyungae; Yang, Priscilla; Harrison, Stephen C.