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2014A Role for Topographic Cues in the Organization of Collagenous Matrix by Corneal Fibroblasts and Stem CellsKaramichos, Dimitrios; Funderburgh, Martha L.; Hutcheon, Audrey E. K.; Zieske, James D.; Du, Yiqin; Wu, Jian; Funderburgh, James L.
2014MMP9 Processing of HSPB1 Regulates Tumor ProgressionChoi, Seo-hyun; Lee, Hae-June; Jin, Yeung Bae; Jang, Junho; Kang, Ga-Young; Lee, Minyoung; Kim, Chun-Ho; Kim, Joon; Yoon, Sam S.; Lee, Yun-Sil; Lee, Yoon-Jin
2014An Active Learning Approach for Rapid Characterization of Endothelial Cells in Human TumorsPadmanabhan, Raghav K.; Somasundar, Vinay H.; Griffith, Sandra D.; Zhu, Jianliang; Samoyedny, Drew; Tan, Kay See; Hu, Jiahao; Liao, Xuejun; Carin, Lawrence; Yoon, Sam S.; Flaherty, Keith T.; DiPaola, Robert S.; Heitjan, Daniel F.; Lal, Priti; Feldman, Michael D.; Roysam, Badrinath; Lee, William M. F.
2014Cell-Cycle Dependent Expression of a Translocation-Mediated Fusion Oncogene Mediates Checkpoint Adaptation in RhabdomyosarcomaKikuchi, Ken; Hettmer, Simone; Aslam, M. Imran; Michalek, Joel E.; Laub, Wolfram; Wilky, Breelyn A.; Loeb, David M.; Rubin, Brian P.; Wagers, Amy J.; Keller, Charles
2014A Genome-Wide Screen for Bacterial Envelope Biogenesis Mutants Identifies a Novel Factor Involved in Cell Wall Precursor MetabolismParadis-Bleau, Catherine; Kritikos, George; Orlova, Katya; Typas, Athanasios; Bernhardt, Thomas G.
2014Sirtuin1 Over-Expression Does Not Impact Retinal Vascular and Neuronal Degeneration in a Mouse Model of Oxygen-Induced RetinopathyMichan, Shaday; Juan, Aimee M.; Hurst, Christian G.; Cui, Zhenghao; Evans, Lucy P.; Hatton, Colman J.; Pei, Dorothy T.; Ju, Meihua; Sinclair, David A.; Smith, Lois E. H.; Chen, Jing
2013Disrupting the Interaction between Retinoblastoma Protein and Raf-1 Leads to Defects in Progenitor Cell Proliferation and Survival during Early Inner Ear DevelopmentLi, Wenyan; Sun, Shan; Chen, Yan; Yu, Huiqian; Chen, Zheng-Yi; Li, Huawei
2014Modifier Genes as Therapeutics: The Nuclear Hormone Receptor Rev Erb Alpha (Nr1d1) Rescues Nr2e3 Associated Retinal DiseaseCruz, Nelly M.; Yuan, Yang; Leehy, Barrett D.; Baid, Rinku; Kompella, Uday; DeAngelis, Margaret M.; Escher, Pascal; Haider, Neena B.
2014PprA Contributes to Deinococcus radiodurans Resistance to Nalidixic Acid, Genome Maintenance after DNA Damage and Interacts with Deinococcal TopoisomerasesKota, Swathi; Charaka, Vijaya K.; Ringgaard, Simon; Waldor, Matthew K.; Misra, Hari S.
2014Ovarian Cancer Spheroid Cells with Stem Cell-Like Properties Contribute to Tumor Generation, Metastasis and Chemotherapy Resistance through Hypoxia-Resistant MetabolismLiao, Jianqun; Qian, Feng; Tchabo, Nana; Mhawech-Fauceglia, Paulette; Beck, Amy; Qian, Zikun; Wang, Xinhui; Huss, Wendy J.; Lele, Shashikant B.; Morrison, Carl D.; Odunsi, Kunle