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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2009Decreased Aortic Growth and Middle Aortic Syndrome in Patients with Neuroblastoma after Radiation TherapyTong, Ricky T.; Gillis, Amy M.; Henning, Tobias D.; Weinberg, Vivian A.; Boddington, Sophie; Haas-Kogan, Daphne A.; Matthay, Katherine; Sha, Vinil; Gooding, Charles; Coakley, Fergus V.; Daldrup-Link, Heike; Sutton, Elizabeth J
2005Childhood Correlates of Blood Lead Levels in Mumbai and DelhiHu, Howard; Jain, Nitin
Aug-2003The psychological impact of a dying child on Chinese family membersLai Cheng, Alice Cheng-gea; Wong, Thomas K. S.; Zhang, Zhi-xue; Martinson, Ida M.
1-Mar-2007Children Affected by AIDS: A Review of the Literature on Orphaned and Vulnerable ChildrenMiller, Candace
2007Sonographic Findings in Bacterial Meningitis in Neonates and Young InfantsYikilmaz, Ali; Taylor, George Anthony
2006Dental amalgam restorations and children’s neuropsychological function: The New England Children’s Amalgam TrialDaniel, David; Trachtenberg, Felicia; McKinlay, Sonja; Bellinger, David C.; Tavares, Mary Angela
2008Variants in iron metabolism genes predict higher blood lead levels in young childrenHernández-Avila, Mauricio; Téllez-Rojo, Martha María; Lamadrid-Figueroa, Héctor; Hu, Howard; Hopkins, Marianne; Ettinger, Adrienne S; Schwartz, Joel David; Bellinger, David C.; Wright, Robert O.
2000Environmental tobacco smoke, indoor allergens, and childhood asthma.Gold, Diane R.
2006Hair Manganese and Hyperactive Behaviors: Pilot Study of School-Age Children Exposed through Tap WaterBouchard, Maryse; Laforest, François; Vandelac, Louise; Mergler, Donna; Bellinger, David C.
2008Association of Environmental Cadmium Exposure with Pediatric Dental CariesArora, Manish; Weuve, Jennifer Lynn; Schwartz, Joel David; Wright, Robert O.