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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2012A child-centred exploration of the relevance of family and friends to theory of mind developmentWright, BC; Mahfoud, J
7-Oct-2011Manual Ability Classification System (MACS): development, evaluation and applicabilityÖhrvall, Ann-Marie
8-Sep-2011Barn inom barnhälsovård : studier om HUR barn gör sig delaktiga vid hälsobesökHarder, Maria
7-Feb-2013Severe asthma and asthma control in schoolchildrenNordlund, Björn
29-Apr-2011Intravenous Access in Distressed Children: Effects of midazolam and nitrous oxide on success rate, hormone and metabolic stress responsesEkbom, Kerstin
14-Aug-2014Etiological risk factors and clinical characteristics of childhood non-Hodgkin lymphoma in UgandaOrem, Jackson
Oct-2012Children and adolescents living with atopic eczema : an interpretive phenomenological study with Chinese mothersCheung, Winnie K. H.; Lee, Regina Lai-tong
2010When One Can Infect Two: A Reflection on the Impact of HIV Discordance on Child HIV InfectionRatnayake, Niloo; Mugabo, Jules; Karita, Etienne; Pegurri, Elisabetta; Binagwaho, Agnes; Mukherjee, Joia Stapleton
2013Genetic Modification of the Association between Peripubertal Dioxin Exposure and Pubertal Onset in a Cohort of Russian BoysHumblet, Olivier; Korrick, Susan Abigail; Williams, Paige L.; Sergeyev, Oleg; Emond, Claude; Birnbaum, Linda S.; Burns, Jane S; Altshul, Larisa M.; Patterson, Donald G.; Turner, Wayman E.; Lee, Mary M.; Revich, Boris; Hauser, Russ B.
2010HbA\(_{1c}\) Levels in Schoolchildren With Type 1 Diabetes Are Seasonally Variable and Dependent on Weather ConditionsMianowska, B.; Fendler, W.; Szadkowska, A.; Baranowska, A.; Grzelak-Agaciak, E.; Sadon, J.; Mlynarski, W.; Keenan, Hillary