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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 BMCPH Volume 16 Issue 1 (137).pdf.jpg2016How is adults ’ screen time behaviour influencing their views on screen time restrictions for children ? A cross-sectional studySchoeppe, Stephanie; Rebar, Amanda L; Short, Camille E; Alley, Stephanie; Lippevelde, Wendy Van
2016 BMCPH Volume 16 Issue 1 (233).pdf.jpg2016A restaurant-based intervention to promote sales of healthy children ’ s menu items : the Kids ’ Choice Restaurant Program cluster randomized trialAyala, Guadalupe X; Castro, Iana A; Pickrel, Julie L; Williams, Christine B; Lin, Shih-fan; Madanat, Hala; Jun, Hee-jin; Zive, Michelle
2016 BMCPH Volume 16 Issue 1 (221).pdf.jpg2016Health literacy and the determinants of obesity : a population-based survey of sixth grade school children in TaiwanShih, Shu-fang; Liu, Chieh-hsing; Liao, Li-ling; Osborne, Richard H
2016 Chest Volume 149 Issue 1 January (52).pdf.jpg2016Use of Management Pathways or Algorithms in Children With Chronic CoughMbbs, Anne B Chang; Oppenheimer, John J; Weinberger, Miles; Weir, Kelly; Rubin, Bruce K; Irwin, Richard S; Fccp, Master
2016 Chest Volume 149 Issue 4 April (38).pdf.jpg2016Impact of Adenotonsillectomy on Insulin Resistance and Lipoprotein Pro fi le in Nonobese and Obese ChildrenKoren, Dorit; Gozal, David; Bhattacharjee, Rakesh; Philby, Mona F; Kheirandish-gozal, Leila
2016 JASE Volume 29 Issue 1 January 3 March (8).pdf.jpg2016Reference Ranges of Left Ventricular Strain Measures by Two-Dimensional Speckle-Tracking Echocardiography in Children : A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisLevy, Philip T; Machefsky, Aliza; Sanchez, Aura A; Patel, Meghna D; Rogal, Sarah; Fowler, Susan; Yaeger, Lauren; Hardi, Angela; Holland, Mark R; Hamvas, Aaron
2016 JASE Volume 29 Issue 1 January 3 March (6).pdf.jpg2016Patterns of Mechanical Inefficiency in Pediatric Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Their Relation to Left Ventricular Function and Clinical OutcomesForsha, Daniel; Slorach, Cameron; Chen, Ching Kit; Sherman, Ashley; Mertens, Luc; Barker, Piers; Kisslo, Joseph; Friedberg, Mark K; City, Kansas
2016 JID Volume 213 Issue 8 April (28).pdf.jpg2016Picornavirus-Induced Airway Mucosa Immune Pro fi le in Asymptomatic NeonatesWolsk, Helene M; Følsgaard, Nilofar V; Birch, Sune; Brix, Susanne; Hansel, Trevor T; Johnston, Sebastian L; Kebadze, Tatiana; Chawes, Bo L; Bønnelykke, Klaus; Bisgaard, Hans
2016 JHS Volume 41 Issue 3 March (1).pdf.jpg2016JHS ( E ) requiring secondary fusion of the new-
2018 PediatricNephrology Volume 33 Issue 6 June (15).pdf.jpg2018Kidney injury biomarkers 5 years after AKI due to pediatric cardiac surgeryGreenberg, Jason H; Devarajan, Prasad; Thiessen-philbrook, Heather R; Krawczeski, Catherine; Parikh, Chirag R; Zappitelli, Michael; Consortium, Tribe-aki