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2012Genome-Wide Study of Gene Variants Associated with Differential Cardiovascular Event Reduction by Pravastatin TherapyShiffman, Dov; Trompet, Stella; Louie, Judy Z.; Rowland, Charles M.; Catanese, Joseph J.; Iakoubova, Olga A.; Kirchgessner, Todd G.; Westendorp, Rudi G. J.; de Craen, Anton J. M.; Slagboom, P. Eline; Buckley, Brendan M.; Stott, David J.; Sattar, Naveed; Devlin, James J.; Packard, Christopher J.; Ford, Ian; Jukema, J. Wouter; Sacks, Frank Martin
2012Blood Donation and Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality in MenZhang, Xuehong; Ma, Jing; Wu, Kana; Chan, Andrew Tan; Fuchs, Charles Stewart; Giovannucci, Edward L.
2012Prognostic Significance of Elevated Cardiac Troponin-T Levels in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome PatientsRivara, Matthew B.; Thompson, B. Taylor; Bajwa, Ednan Khalid; Januzzi, James Louis; Gong, Michelle Ng; Christiani, David C.
2012Association between XPF Polymorphisms and Cancer Risk: A Meta-AnalysisShi, Ting-Yan; Qiu, Li-Xin; Zhu, Mei-Ling; Wang, Meng-Yun; Zhou, Xiao-Yan; Yu, Hongpin; Zang, Rong-Yu; Wei, Qingyi; He, Jing; Han, Jiali
2012Development of a Charting Method to Monitor the Individual Performance of Surgeons at the Beginning of Their CareerPeix, Jean-Louis; Colin, Cyrille; Kraimps, Jean-Louis; Menegaux, Fabrice; Pattou, François; Sebag, Fréderic; Voirin, Nicolas; Touzet, Sandrine; Bourdy, Stéphanie; Lifante, Jean-Christophe; Duclos, Antoine; Carty, Matthew Jonathan; Lipsitz, Stuart Roger
2014Development and Validation of a Social Capital Questionnaire for Adolescent Students (SCQ-AS)Paiva, Paula Cristina Pelli; de Paiva, Haroldo Neves; de Oliveira Filho, Paulo Messias; Lamounier, Joel Alves; Ferreira, Efigênia Ferreira e; Ferreira, Raquel Conceição; Kawachi, Ichiro; Zarzar, Patrícia Maria
2014School Programs and Characteristics and Their Influence on Student BMI: Findings from Healthy PassagesRichmond, Tracy K.; Elliott, Marc N.; Franzini, Luisa; Kawachi, Ichiro; Caughy, Margaret O.; Gilliland, M. Janice; Walls, Courtney E.; Franklin, Frank A.; Lowry, Richard; Banspach, Stephen W.; Schuster, Mark A.
2014Perceptions of Neighborhood Safety and Asthma among Children and Adolescents in Los Angeles: A Multilevel AnalysisCamacho-Rivera, Marlene; Kawachi, Ichiro; Bennett, Gary G.; Subramanian, S. V.
2014Preterm Birth and Childhood Wheezing Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisBeen, Jasper V.; Lugtenberg, Marlies J.; Smets, Eline; van Schayck, Constant P.; Kramer, Boris W.; Mommers, Monique; Sheikh, Aziz
2014Electronic Medical Record Cancer Incidence over Six Years Comparing New Users of Glargine with New Users of NPH InsulinLim, Soo; Stember, Katherine G.; He, Wei; Bianca, Porneala C.; Yelibi, Carine; Marquis, Alison; Stürmer, Til; Buse, John B.; Meigs, James B.