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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2014Predicting the Impact of Vaccination on the Transmission Dynamics of Typhoid in South Asia: A Mathematical Modeling StudyPitzer, Virginia E.; Bowles, Cayley C.; Baker, Stephen; Kang, Gagandeep; Balaji, Veeraraghavan; Farrar, Jeremy J.; Grenfell, Bryan T.
2014Linkage of Viral Sequences among HIV-Infected Village Residents in Botswana: Estimation of Linkage Rates in the Presence of Missing DataCarnegie, Nicole Bohme; Wang, Rui; Novitsky, Vladimir; De Gruttola, Victor
2013Targeting Imperfect Vaccines against Drug-Resistance Determinants: A Strategy for Countering the Rise of Drug ResistanceJoice, Regina; Lipsitch, Marc
2013Network-Level Structural Abnormalities of Cerebral Cortex in Type 1 Diabetes MellitusLyoo, In Kyoon; Yoon, Sujung; Renshaw, Perry F.; Hwang, Jaeuk; Bae, Sujin; Musen, Gail; Kim, Jieun E.; Bolo, Nicolas; Jeong, Hyeonseok S.; Simonson, Donald C.; Lee, Sun Hea; Weinger, Katie; Jung, Jiyoung J.; Ryan, Christopher M.; Choi, Yera; Jacobson, Alan M.
2014Social Participation and the Prevention of Functional Disability in Older Japanese: The JAGES Cohort StudyKanamori, Satoru; Kai, Yuko; Aida, Jun; Kondo, Katsunori; Kawachi, Ichiro; Hirai, Hiroshi; Shirai, Kokoro; Ishikawa, Yoshiki; Suzuki, Kayo
2014Heterogeneity in the Frequency and Characteristics of Homologous Recombination in Pneumococcal EvolutionMostowy, Rafal; Croucher, Nicholas J.; Hanage, William P.; Harris, Simon R.; Bentley, Stephen; Fraser, Christophe
2014Cycling Empirical Antibiotic Therapy in Hospitals: Meta-Analysis and ModelsAbel zur Wiesch, Pia; Kouyos, Roger; Abel, Sören; Viechtbauer, Wolfgang; Bonhoeffer, Sebastian
2012The Aromatase Gene (CYP19A1) Variants and Circulating Hepatocyte Growth Factor in Postmenopausal WomenGunter, Marc J.; Cochrane, Barbara B.; Chlebowski, Rowan T.; Lin, Jennifer H.; Manson, JoAnn Elisabeth; Rexrode, Kathryn Marian; Cook, Nancy Romanowicz; Kraft, Peter; Ho, Gloria Y. F.; Zhang, Shumin
2012Influence of Spatial Resolution on Space-Time Disease Cluster DetectionJones, Stephen G.; Kulldorff, Martin
2013Mannose-Binding Lectin 2 Gene and Risk of Adult GliomaMichaud, Dominique S.; Siddiq, Afshan; Cox, David G.; Backes, Danielle M.; Calboli, Federico C. F.; Sughrue, Michael E.; Gaziano, John Michael; Ma, Jing; Stampfer, Meir Jonathan; Tworoger, Shelley Slate; Hunter, David J.; Camargo, Carlos Arturo; Parsa, Andrew T.