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2012Association of Genetic Variants of Melatonin Receptor 1B with Gestational Plasma Glucose Level and Risk of Glucose Intolerance in Pregnant Chinese WomenLiao, Shunyao; Liu, Yunqiang; Tan, Yuande; Gan, Lu; Mei, Jie; Song, Wenzhong; Chi, Shu; Dong, Xianjue; Chen, Xiaojuan; Deng, Shaoping
2012The Protein Kinase KIS Impacts Gene Expression during Development and Fear Conditioning in Adult MiceManceau, Valérie; Kremmer, Elisabeth; Maucuer, Alexandre; Nabel, Elizabeth G.
2012Loss of DJ-1 Does Not Affect Mitochondrial Respiration but Increases ROS Production and Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore OpeningGautier, Clement A.; Giaime, Emilie; Yamaguchi, Hiroo; Kitada, Tohru; Shen, Jie
2012An RNA Interference Lethality Screen of the Human Druggable Genome to Identify Molecular Vulnerabilities in Epithelial Ovarian CancerSethi, Geetika; Pathak, Harsh B.; Zhang, Hong; Zhou, Yan; Einarson, Margret B.; Vathipadiekal, Vinod; Gunewardena, Sumedha; Birrer, Michael James; Godwin, Andrew K.
2005Two-Component Signal Transduction Pathways Regulating Growth and Cell Cycle Progression in a Bacterium: A System-Level AnalysisSkerker, Jeffrey M; Prasol, Melanie S; Perchuk, Barrett S; Biondi, Emanuele G; Laub, Michael
2007Signature-Based Small Molecule Screening Identifies Cytosine Arabinoside as an EWS/FLI Modulator in Ewing SarcomaWong, Jenny S; Ross, Kenneth N; Chow, Kwan T; Peck, David; Wright, Renee D; Lessnick, Stephen L; Stegmaier, Kimberly; Kung, Andrew Li-Jen; Golub, Todd R.
2012MMP-13 Regulates Growth of Wound Granulation Tissue and Modulates Gene Expression Signatures Involved in Inflammation, Proteolysis, and Cell ViabilityToriseva, Mervi; Laato, Matti; Carpén, Olli; Ruohonen, Suvi T.; Savontaus, Eriika; Inada, Masaki; Kähäri, Veli-Matti; Krane, Stephen Martin
2012Runx1 and Runx3 Are Involved in the Generation and Function of Highly Suppressive IL-17-Producing T Regulatory CellsPetkova, Victoria; Li, Lequn; Patsoukis, Nikolaos; Boussiotis, Vassiliki A.
2014Phylogenetic Analyses and Characterization of RNase X25 from Drosophila melanogaster Suggest a Conserved Housekeeping Role and Additional Functions for RNase T2 Enzymes in ProtostomesAmbrosio, Linda; Morriss, Stephanie; Riaz, Ayesha; Bailey, Ryan; Ding, Jian; MacIntosh, Gustavo C.
2012Improving Lambda Red Genome Engineering in Escherichia coli via Rational Removal of Endogenous NucleasesMosberg, Joshua Adam Weintrob; Gregg, Christopher; Lajoie, Marc Joseph; Wang, Harris He; Church, George McDonald