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2014Single-Molecule Study on Histone-Like Nucleoid-Structuring Protein (H-NS) Paralogue in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: MvaU Bears DNA Organization Mode Similarities to MvaTWinardhi, Ricksen S.; Castang, Sandra; Dove, Simon L.; Yan, Jie
2014The Chromatin Remodeling Factor CHD5 Is a Transcriptional Repressor of WEE1Quan, Jinhua; Adelmant, Guillaume; Marto, Jarrod A.; Look, A. Thomas; Yusufzai, Timur
2014Cell-Cycle Dependent Expression of a Translocation-Mediated Fusion Oncogene Mediates Checkpoint Adaptation in RhabdomyosarcomaKikuchi, Ken; Hettmer, Simone; Aslam, M. Imran; Michalek, Joel E.; Laub, Wolfram; Wilky, Breelyn A.; Loeb, David M.; Rubin, Brian P.; Wagers, Amy J.; Keller, Charles
2014Endothelial Differentiation Gene-1, a New Downstream Gene Is Involved in RTEF-1 Induced Angiogenesis in Endothelial CellsHe, Ping; Philbrick, Melissa J.; An, Xiaojin; Wu, Jiaping; Messmer-Blust, Angela F.; Li, Jian
2014Chromatin Loops as Allosteric Modulators of Enhancer-Promoter InteractionsDoyle, Boryana; Fudenberg, Geoffrey; Imakaev, Maxim; Mirny, Leonid A.
201424-Hour Rhythms of DNA Methylation and Their Relation with Rhythms of RNA Expression in the Human Dorsolateral Prefrontal CortexLim, Andrew S. P.; Srivastava, Gyan P.; Yu, Lei; Chibnik, Lori B.; Xu, Jishu; Buchman, Aron S.; Schneider, Julie A.; Myers, Amanda J.; Bennett, David A.; De Jager, Philip L.
2014A Role for FACT in Repopulation of Nucleosomes at Inducible GenesVoth, Warren P.; Takahata, Shinya; Nishikawa, Joy L.; Metcalfe, Benjamin M.; Näär, Anders M.; Stillman, David J.
2014LIN28 Is Involved in Glioma Carcinogenesis and Predicts Outcomes of Glioblastoma Multiforme PatientsQin, Rong; Zhou, Jingxu; Chen, Chao; Xu, Tao; Yan, Yong; Ma, Yushui; Zheng, Zongli; Shen, Yiping; Lu, Yicheng; Fu, Da; Chen, Juxiang
2014Mapping the Fitness Landscape of Gene Expression Uncovers the Cause of Antagonism and Sign Epistasis between Adaptive MutationsChou, Hsin-Hung; Delaney, Nigel F.; Draghi, Jeremy A.; Marx, Christopher J.
2014Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of MicroRNA Processing Machinery Genes and Outcome of Hepatocellular CarcinomaLiu, Shuang; An, Jie; Lin, Jianhong; Liu, Yanli; Bao, Lidao; Zhang, Wen; Zhao, Jian-Jun