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2009TGF-\(\beta\) and IL-10 Production by HIV-Specific CD8+ T Cells Is Regulated by CTLA-4 Signaling on CD4+ T CellsElrefaei, Mohamed; Burke, Candace M.; Jones, Norman G.; Bousheri, Stephanie; Cao, Huyen; Baker, Chris A. R.; Bangsberg, David Roy
2010Cytomegalovirus-Specific T Cells Persist at Very High Levels during Long-Term Antiretroviral Treatment of HIV DiseaseNaeger, David M.; Sinclair, Elizabeth; Hecht, Frederick; Hsue, Priscilla; McCune, Joseph M.; Deeks, Steven G.; Martin, Jeffrey Michael; Hunt, Peter K.; Bangsberg, David Roy
2008Steady state bioequivalence of generic and innovator formulations of stavudine, lamivudine, and nevirapine in HIV-infected Ugandan adultsByakika-Tusiime, Jayne; Chinn, Leslie W.; Oyugi, Jessica H.; Obua, Celestino; Kroetz, Deanna L.; Myer, Landon; Bangsberg, David Roy
2012Causes of Death on Antiretroviral Therapy: A Post-Mortem Study from South AfricaWong, Emily Beth; Omar, Tanvier; Setlhako, Gosetsemang J.; Osih, Regina; Feldman, Charles; Murdoch, David M.; Martinson, Neil A.; Bangsberg, David Roy; Venter, W. D. F.
2012Optimizing Network Connectivity for Mobile Health Technologies in sub-Saharan AfricaSiedner, Mark Jacob; Lankowski, Alexander; Musinga, Derrick; Jackson, Jonathon; Muzoora, Conrad; Hunt, Peter W.; Martin, Jeffrey N.; Bangsberg, David Roy; Haberer, Jessica
2010Diminishing Availability of Publicly Funded Slots for Antiretroviral Initiation Among HIV-Infected ART-Eligible Patients in UgandaGeng, Elvin H.; Bwana, Mwebesa B.; Kabakyenga, Jerome; Muyindike, Winnie; Emenyonu, Nneka I.; Musinguzi, Nicholas; Mugyenyi, Peter; Myer, Landon; Martin, Jeffrey N.; Bangsberg, David Roy
2009The Risk of Virologic Failure Decreases with Duration of HIV Suppression, at Greater than 50% Adherence to Antiretroviral TherapyRosenblum, Michael; Deeks, Steven G.; van der Laan, Mark; Bangsberg, David Roy
2012Rethinking the “Pre” in Pre-Therapy Counseling: No Benefit of Additional Visits Prior to Therapy on Adherence or Viremia in Ugandans Initiating ARVsLankowski, Alexander; Kembabazi, Annet; Emenyonu, Nneka; Muzoora, Conrad; Geng, Elvin; Martin, Jeffrey N.; Siedner, Mark Jacob; Haberer; Haberer, Jessica; Tsai, Alexander Chung-Yu; Bangsberg, David Roy
2012Sexual Relationship Power and Depression among HIV-Infected Women in Rural UgandaHatcher, Abigail M.; Tsai, Alexander Chung-Yu; Kumbakumba, Elias; Dworkin, Shari L.; Hunt, Peter W.; Martin, Jeffrey N.; Clark, Gina; Bangsberg, David Roy; Weiser, Sheri D.
2009Explaining Adherence Success in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Ethnographic StudyIdoko, John; Kaaya, Sylvia; Biraro, Irene Andia; Agbaji, Oche; Beyrer, Chris; Ware, Norma Clara; Wyatt, Monique A.; Chalamilla, Guerino E.; Bangsberg, David Roy