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2010The Prevalence and Drug Sensitivity of Tuberculosis among Patients Dying in Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: A Postmortem StudyCohen, Ted; Wallengren, Kristina; Alvarez, Gonzalo G.; Samuel, Elizabeth Y.; Wilson, Douglas; Murray, Megan Blanche
2006Cost-effectiveness of alternative blood-screening strategies for West Nile virus in the United StatesKorves, Caroline T; Goldie, Sue J.; Murray, Megan Blanche
2008Are Survey-based Estimates of the Burden of Drug Resistant TB Too Low? Insight from a Simulation StudyCohen, Ted; Colijn, Caroline; Finklea, Bryson; Wright, Abigail; Zignol, Matteo; Pym, Alexander; Kretzschmar, Mirjam; Murray, Megan Blanche
2012Independent Large Scale Duplications in Multiple M. tuberculosis Lineages Overlapping the Same Genomic RegionWeiner, Brian; Victor, Thomas C.; Warren, Robert M.; Plikaytis, Bonnie B.; Posey, James E.; van Helden, Paul D.; Gey van Pittius, Nicolass C.; Koehrsen, Michael; Sisk, Peter; Stolte, Christian; White, Jared; Gagneux, Sebastien; Birren, Bruce; Gomez, James E.; Sloutsky, Alexander; Hung, Deborah Tan; Murray, Megan Blanche; Galagan, James E
2007Antiviral Resistance and the Control of Pandemic InfluenzaCohen, Ted; Levin, Bruce R; Lipsitch, Marc; Murray, Megan Blanche
2006Cost-Effectiveness of Treating Multidrug-Resistant TuberculosisResch, Stephen C; Salomon, Joshua A.; Murray, Megan Blanche; Weinstein, Milton C.
2010The Impact of Realistic Age Structure in Simple Models of Tuberculosis TransmissionBrooks-Pollock, Ellen; Cohen, Ted; Murray, Megan Blanche
2007Tobacco smoke, indoor air pollution and tuberculosis: a systematic review and meta-analysisLin, Hsien-Ho; Murray, Megan Blanche; Ezzati, Majid
2013Use of Whole Genome Sequencing to Determine the Microevolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis during an OutbreakKato-Maeda, Midori; Ho, Christine; Passarelli, Ben; Banaei, Niaz; Grinsdale, Jennifer; Flores, Laura; Anderson, Jillian; Murray, Megan Blanche; Rose, Graham; Kawamura, L. Masae; Pourmand, Nader; Tariq, Muhammad A.; Gagneux, Sebastien; Hopewell, Philip C.
2012Tuberculosis and Poverty: Why Are the Poor at Greater Risk in India?Oxlade, Olivia A; Murray, Megan Blanche