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2009The Risk of Virologic Failure Decreases with Duration of HIV Suppression, at Greater than 50% Adherence to Antiretroviral TherapyRosenblum, Michael; Deeks, Steven G.; van der Laan, Mark; Bangsberg, David Roy
2008Acute Schistosoma mansoni Infection Increases Susceptibility to Systemic SHIV Clade C Infection in Rhesus Macaques after Mucosal Virus ExposureChenine, Agnès-Laurence; Shai-Kobiler, Ela; Steele, Lisa N.; Ong, Helena; Augostini, Peter; Song, Ruijiang; Autissier, Patrick; Secor, W. Evan; Lee, Sandra J.; Ruprecht, Ruth Margrit
2008Lack of Association between Measles Virus Vaccine and Autism with Enteropathy: A Case-Control StudyHornig, Mady; Briese, Thomas; Siemetzki, Ulrike; Hummel, Kimberly; Rota, Paul A.; Bellini, William J.; Sheils, Orla; Alden, Errol; Pickering, Larry; Lipkin, W. Ian; Cookson, Mark R.; Buie, Timothy M.; Bauman, Margaret Estelle Lang; Lauwers, Gregory Y.; O'Leary, John J.
2009A Critical Role for CD8 T Cells in a Nonhuman Primate Model of TuberculosisChen, Crystal Y.; Shen, Ling; Zeng, Gucheng; Yao, Shuyun; Shen, Yun; Halliday, Lisa; Fortman, Jeff; McAllister, Milton; Estep, Jim; Vasconcelos, Daphne; Du, George; Porcelli, Steven A.; Larsen, Michelle H.; Jacobs, William R.; Haynes, Barton F.; Letvin, Norman Lee; Huang, Dan; Wang, Richard; Hunt, Robert; Chen, Zheng-Yi
2009Modeling Infectious Disease in Mice: Co-Adaptation and the Role of Host-Specific IFNγ ResponsesCoers, Jörn; Howard, Jonathan C.; Starnbach, Michael N.
2007Inhibitors of Pathogen Intercellular Signals as Selective Anti-Infective CompoundsLesic, Biliana; Lépine, François; Déziel, Eric; Zhang, Qunhao; Padfield, Katie; Castonguay, Marie-Hélène; Milot, Sylvain; Stachel, Scott; Zhang, Jiangwen; Tzika, A. Aria; Tompkins, Ronald Gary; Rahme, Laurence G.
2008Steady state bioequivalence of generic and innovator formulations of stavudine, lamivudine, and nevirapine in HIV-infected Ugandan adultsByakika-Tusiime, Jayne; Chinn, Leslie W.; Oyugi, Jessica H.; Obua, Celestino; Kroetz, Deanna L.; Myer, Landon; Bangsberg, David Roy
2008The Impact of Different Antibiotic Regimens on the Emergence of Antimicrobial-Resistant BacteriaDupont-Rouzeyrol, Myrielle; Magal, Pierre; Olivier, Damien; Ruan, Shigui; D'Agata, Erika Maria Concetta
2008PerR Confers Phagocytic Killing Resistance and Allows Pharyngeal Colonization by Group A StreptococcusGryllos, Ioannis; Kalish, Leslie A.; Wessels, Michael Robert; Grifantini, Renata; Colaprico, Annalisa; Cary, Max E.; Hakansson, Anders; Carey, David W.; Suarez-Chavez, Maria; Kalish, Leslie A.; Mitchell, Paul D.; White, Gary L.; Wessels, Michael Robert
2008Automated Identification of Acute Hepatitis B Using Electronic Medical Record Data to Facilitate Public Health SurveillanceHaney, Gillian; Church, Daniel; Hou, Xuanlin; Ramsay, Mary; Klompas, Michael; Lazarus, Ross; Platt, Richard