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2012Isolation of Monoclonal Antibodies with Predetermined Conformational Epitope SpecificityEssono, Sosthène S.; Shanmuganathan, Vivekanandan; Hemashettar, Girish; Kahn, Maria; Hu, Shiu-Lok; Montefiori, David C.; Polonis, Victoria R.; Sholukh, Anton M.; Mukhtar, Muhammad Mahmood; Humbert, Michael; Watkins, Jennifer D.; Vyas, Hemant Kumar; Schur, Peter Henry; Ruprecht, Ruth Margrit
2012Prospective Monitoring Reveals Dynamic Levels of T Cell Immunity to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in HIV Infected IndividualsChetty, Shivan; Govender, Pamla; Pillay, Mona; Jaggernath, Manjeetha; Ndung’u, Thumbi; Klenerman, Paul; Mitchell, Jessica E.; Kasmar, Anne G.; Walker, Bruce David; Kasprowicz, Victoria Olivia
2006HLA Alleles Associated with Delayed Progression to AIDS Contribute Strongly to the Initial CD8+ T Cell Response against HIV-1Kalife, Elizabeth T; Qi, Ying; Johnston, Mary N; Burgett, Nicole; Swartz, Martha E; Yang, Amy; Rockstroh, Juergen K; Jessen, Heiko; Carrington, Mary; Altfeld, Marcus; Streeck, Hendrik; Lichterfeld, Mathias; Alter, Galit; Yu, Xu; Meier, Angela; Allen, Todd; Rosenberg, Eric Scott; Walker, Bruce David
2013Missed Opportunities: Refusal to Confirm Reactive Rapid HIV Tests in the Emergency DepartmentCollins, Jamie E.; Reichmann, William M.; Donnell-Fink, Laurel A.; Ganguli, Ishani; Losina, Elena; Katz, Jeffrey Neil; Arbelaez, Christian; Walensky, Rochelle P.
2012Loss of CCR7 Expression on \(CD56^{bright}\) NK Cells Is Associated with a \(CD56^{dim}CD16^{+}\) NK Cell-Like Phenotype and Correlates with HIV Viral LoadHong, Henoch Sangjoon; Ahmad, Fareed; Eberhard, Johanna M.; Bhatnagar, Nupur; Bollmann, Benjamin A.; Keudel, Phillip; Ballmaier, Matthias; Zielinska-Skowronek, Margot; Schmidt, Reinhold E.; Meyer-Olson, Dirk
2012In Vivo Anti-HIV Activity of the Heparin-Activated Serine Protease Inhibitor Antithrombin III Encapsulated in Lymph-Targeting ImmunoliposomesAsmal, Mohammed; Whitney, James B.; Luedemann, Corinne; Carville, Angela; Steen, Robert G.; Letvin, Norman L.; Geiben-Lynn, Ralf
2012Coadministration of Lopinavir/Ritonavir and Rifampicin in HIV and Tuberculosis Co-Infected Adults in South AfricaMurphy, Richard A.; Marconi, Vincent C.; Gandhi, Rajesh Tim; Kuritzkes, Daniel Robert; Sunpath, Henry
2012Pediatric Response to Second-Line Antiretroviral Therapy in South AfricaSunpath, Henry; Feeney, Margaret E.; Zanoni, Brian C
2010Serological Markers for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in AIDS Patients with Evidence of Microbial TranslocationAncuta, Petronela; Kamat, Anupa U; Blumberg, Richard Steven; Gabuzda, Dana Helga
2010Mutational Escape in HIV-1 CTL Epitopes Leads to Increased Binding to Inhibitory Myelomonocytic MHC Class I ReceptorsToth, Ildiko; Yang, Yue; Huang, Jinghe; Lichterfeld, Mathias; Yu, Xu