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2013Low Levels of Peripheral CD161++CD8+ Mucosal Associated Invariant T (MAIT) Cells Are Found in HIV and HIV/TB Co-InfectionWong, Emily B.; Akilimali, Ngomu Akeem; Govender, Pamla; Sullivan, Zuri A.; Cosgrove, Cormac; Pillay, Mona; Lewinsohn, David M.; Bishai, William R.; Walker, Bruce D.; Ndung'u, Thumbi; Klenerman, Paul; Kasprowicz, Victoria O.
2014Electron Tomography of HIV-1 Infection in Gut-Associated Lymphoid TissueLadinsky, Mark S.; Kieffer, Collin; Olson, Gregory; Deruaz, Maud; Vrbanac, Vladimir; Tager, Andrew M.; Kwon, Douglas S.; Bjorkman, Pamela J.
2014High Rates of Potentially Infectious Tuberculosis and Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) among Hospital Inpatients in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa Indicate Risk of Nosocomial TransmissionBantubani, Nonkqubela; Kabera, Gaetan; Connolly, Catherine; Rustomjee, Roxana; Reddy, Tarylee; Cohen, Ted; Pym, Alexander S.
2014Inclusion of CD80 in HSV Targets the Recombinant Virus to PD-L1 on DCs and Allows Productive Infection and Robust Immune ResponsesMott, Kevin R.; Allen, Sariah J.; Zandian, Mandana; Akbari, Omid; Hamrah, Pedram; Maazi, Hadi; Wechsler, Steven L.; Sharpe, Arlene H.; Freeman, Gordon J.; Ghiasi, Homayon
2014Lassa Fever in Post-Conflict Sierra LeoneShaffer, Jeffrey G.; Grant, Donald S.; Schieffelin, John S.; Boisen, Matt L.; Goba, Augustine; Hartnett, Jessica N.; Levy, Danielle C.; Yenni, Rachael E.; Moses, Lina M.; Fullah, Mohammed; Momoh, Mambo; Fonnie, Mbalu; Fonnie, Richard; Kanneh, Lansana; Koroma, Veronica J.; Kargbo, Kandeh; Ottomassathien, Darin; Muncy, Ivana J.; Jones, Abigail B.; Illick, Megan M.; Kulakosky, Peter C.; Haislip, Allyson M.; Bishop, Christopher M.; Elliot, Deborah H.; Brown, Bethany L.; Zhu, Hu; Hastie, Kathryn M.; Andersen, Kristian G.; Gire, Stephen K.; Tabrizi, Shervin; Tariyal, Ridhi; Stremlau, Mathew; Matschiner, Alex; Sampey, Darryl B.; Spence, Jennifer S.; Cross, Robert W.; Geisbert, Joan B.; Folarin, Onikepe A.; Happi, Christian T.; Pitts, Kelly R.; Geske, F. Jon; Geisbert, Thomas W.; Saphire, Erica Ollmann; Robinson, James E.; Wilson, Russell B.; Sabeti, Pardis C.; Henderson, Lee A.; Khan, S. Humarr; Bausch, Daniel G.; Branco, Luis M.; Garry, Robert F.
2014Factors Influencing Performance of Internet-Based Biosurveillance Systems Used in Epidemic Intelligence for Early Detection of Infectious Diseases OutbreaksBarboza, Philippe; Vaillant, Laetitia; Le Strat, Yann; Hartley, David M.; Nelson, Noele P.; Mawudeku, Abla; Madoff, Lawrence C.; Linge, Jens P.; Collier, Nigel; Brownstein, John S.; Astagneau, Pascal
2014Knowledge and Awareness of HPV Vaccine and Acceptability to Vaccinate in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic ReviewPerlman, Stacey; Wamai, Richard G.; Bain, Paul A.; Welty, Thomas; Welty, Edith; Ogembo, Javier Gordon
2014A Dual TLR Agonist Adjuvant Enhances the Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of the Tuberculosis Vaccine Antigen ID93Orr, Mark T.; Beebe, Elyse A.; Hudson, Thomas E.; Moon, James J.; Fox, Christopher B.; Reed, Steven G.; Coler, Rhea N.
2014SIV Vpx Is Essential for Macrophage Infection but Not for Development of AIDSWestmoreland, Susan V.; Converse, A. Peter; Hrecka, Kasia; Hurley, Mollie; Knight, Heather; Piatak, Michael; Lifson, Jeffrey; Mansfield, Keith G.; Skowronski, Jacek; Desrosiers, Ronald C.
2013Biochemical Phenotypes to Discriminate Microbial Subpopulations and Improve Outbreak DetectionGalar, Alicia; Kulldorff, Martin; Rudnick, Wallis; O'Brien, Thomas F.; Stelling, John