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2014Estimating the Timing of Mother-to-Child Transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Using a Viral Molecular Evolution ModelChaillon, Antoine; Samleerat, Tanawan; Zoveda, Faustine; Ballesteros, Sébastien; Moreau, Alain; Ngo-Giang-Huong, Nicole; Jourdain, Gonzague; Gianella, Sara; Lallemant, Marc; Depaulis, Frantz; Barin, Francis
2014Poverty, Disease, and the Ecology of Complex SystemsNgonghala, Calistus N.; Pluciński, Mateusz M.; Murray, Megan B.; Farmer, Paul E.; Barrett, Christopher B.; Keenan, Donald C.; Bonds, Matthew H.
2014Baseline CD4 Cell Counts of Newly Diagnosed HIV Cases in China: 2006–2012Tang, Houlin; Mao, Yurong; Shi, Cynthia X.; Han, Jing; Wang, Liyan; Xu, Juan; Qin, Qianqian; Detels, Roger; Wu, Zunyou
2014A Novel Approach - The Propensity to Propagate (PTP) Method for Controlling for Host Factors in Studying the Transmission of Mycobacterium TuberculosisNebenzahl-Guimaraes, Hanna; Borgdorff, Martien W.; Murray, Megan B.; van Soolingen, Dick
2014The Association of Meningococcal Disease with Influenza in the United States, 1989–2009Jacobs, Jessica Hartman; Viboud, Cécile; Tchetgen, Eric Tchetgen; Schwartz, Joel; Steiner, Claudia; Simonsen, Lone; Lipsitch, Marc
2014Prevention of HPV-Related Cancers in Norway: Cost-Effectiveness of Expanding the HPV Vaccination Program to Include Pre-Adolescent BoysBurger, Emily A.; Sy, Stephen; Nygård, Mari; Kristiansen, Ivar S.; Kim, Jane J.
2014Modeling of Novel Diagnostic Strategies for Active Tuberculosis – A Systematic Review: Current Practices and RecommendationsZwerling, Alice; White, Richard G.; Vassall, Anna; Cohen, Ted; Dowdy, David W.; Houben, Rein M. G. J.
2014Anemia at the Initiation of Tuberculosis Therapy Is Associated with Delayed Sputum Conversion among Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Dar-es-Salaam, TanzaniaNagu, Tumaini J.; Spiegelman, Donna; Hertzmark, Ellen; Aboud, Said; Makani, Julie; Matee, Mecky I.; Fawzi, Wafaie; Mugusi, Ferdinand
2014Empiric Deworming and CD4 Count Recovery in HIV-Infected Ugandans Initiating Antiretroviral TherapyLankowski, Alexander J.; Tsai, Alexander C.; Kanyesigye, Michael; Bwana, Mwebesa; Haberer, Jessica E.; Wenger, Megan; Martin, Jeffrey N.; Bangsberg, David R.; Hunt, Peter W.; Siedner, Mark J.
2014Effectiveness of Insecticide Spraying and Culling of Dogs on the Incidence of Leishmania infantum Infection in Humans: A Cluster Randomized Trial in Teresina, BrazilWerneck, Guilherme L.; Costa, Carlos H. N.; de Carvalho, Fernando Aécio Amorim; Pires e Cruz, Maria do Socorro; Maguire, James H.; Castro, Marcia C.