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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 Chest Volume 149 Issue 2 February (41).pdf.jpg2016Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes in Extreme Elderly ( Age $ 85 Years ) Japanese Patients With Atrial FibrillationFushimi, The; Registry, A F
2016 EEJEP Volume 18 Issue 2 February (3).pdf.jpg2016Regional differences in referral , procedures , and outcome after ablation for atrial fibrillation in Europe : a report from the Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Pilot Registry of the European Society of CardiologyRiahi, Sam; Arbelo, Elena; Brugada, Josep; Maggioni, Aldo Pietro; Tavazzi, Luigi; Efremidis, Michalis; Xhaet, Olivier; Vardas, Panos; Gelder, Isabelle C Van; Hjortshoj, Soren
2016 EHJ Volume 37 Issue 17 April (9).pdf.jpg2016Percent reduction in LDL cholesterol following high-intensity statin therapy : potential implications for guidelines and for the prescription of emerging lipid-lowering agentsRidker, Paul M; Mora, Samia; Rose, Lynda
2016 EHJ Volume 37 Issue 12 March (5).pdf.jpg2016Cardiovascular outcomes at different on-treatment blood pressures in the hypertensive patients of the VALUE trialMancia, Giuseppe; Kjeldsen, Sverre E; Zappe, Dion H; Hua, Tsushung A; Zanchetti, Alberto; Julius, Stevo; Weber, Michael A
2016 EHJ Volume 37 Issue 6 February (6).pdf.jpg2016The impact of proprotein convertase subtilisin- kexin type 9 serine protease inhibitors on lipid levels and outcomes in patients with primary hypercholesterolaemia : a network meta-analysisLipinski, Michael J; Benedetto, Umberto; Escarcega, Ricardo O; Biondi-zoccai, Giuseppe; Lhermusier, Thibault; Baker, Nevin C; Torguson, Rebecca; Jr, H Bryan Brewer; Waksman, Ron
2016 EHJ Volume 37 Issue 14 April (10).pdf.jpg2016XANTUS : a real-world , prospective , observational study of patients treated with rivaroxaban for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillationCamm, A John; Amarenco, Pierre; Haas, Sylvia; Hess, Susanne; Kirchhof, Paulus; Kuhls, Silvia; Eickels, Martin Van; Turpie, Alexander G G
2016 EHJ Volume 37 Issue 2 January (7).pdf.jpg2016EURObservational Research Programme : the Chronic Ischaemic Cardiovascular Disease Registry : Pilot phase ( CICD-PILOT )Komajda, Michel; Weidinger, Franz; Kerneis, Mathieu; Cosentino, Francesco; Cremonesi, Alberto; Ferrari, Roberto; Kownator, Serge; Steg, Philippe Gabriel; Tavazzi, Luigi; Valgimigli, Marco; Szwed, Hanna; Majda, Wojciech; Olivari, Zoran; Belle, Eric Van; Shlyakhto, Evgen
2016 JASE Volume 29 Issue 2 February (5).pdf.jpg2016Chronic Inflammatory Disease Is an Independent Risk Factor for Coronary Flow Velocity Reserve Impairment Unrelated to the Processes of Coronary Artery Calcium DepositionKakuta, Kentaro; Dohi, Kaoru; Sato, Yoshiko; Yamanaka, Takashi
2016 JASE Volume 29 Issue 1 January 3 March (6).pdf.jpg2016Patterns of Mechanical Inefficiency in Pediatric Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Their Relation to Left Ventricular Function and Clinical OutcomesForsha, Daniel; Slorach, Cameron; Chen, Ching Kit; Sherman, Ashley; Mertens, Luc; Barker, Piers; Kisslo, Joseph; Friedberg, Mark K; City, Kansas
9783319315782.pdf.jpg2016J Wave SyndromesAntzelevitch, Charles. ; editor. ;; Yan, Gan-Xin. ; editor. ;