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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2010Systematic Review of Emergency Department Central Venous and Arterial Catheter InfectionLeMaster, Christopher H.; Agrawal, Ashish T.; Hou, Peter Chuanyi; Schuur, Jeremiah D
2014Physical activity counseling in medical school education: a systematic reviewDacey, Marie L.; Kennedy, Mary A.; Polak, Rani; Phillips, Edward M.
2016 NDT Volume 31 Issue 6 June (25).pdf.jpg2016Full Reviews A guide to reading and using systematic reviews of qualitative researchTong, Allison; Palmer, Suetonia; Craig, Jonathan C; Strippoli, Giovanni F M
2016 NR Volume 65 Issue 3 June (2).pdf.jpg2016A Grounded Theory Study of How Nurses Integrate Pregnancy and Full-Time EmploymentQuinn, Paul
2016 NDT Volume 31 Issue 7 July (26).pdf.jpg2016Balancing wobbles in the body sodiumTitze, Jens; Rakova, Natalia; Kopp, Christoph; Dahlmann, Anke; Jantsch, Jonathan; Luft, Friedrich C
2016 NDT Volume 31 Issue 6 June (17).pdf.jpg2016Polar Views in Nephrology Pro : Meta-analysis : the case forMudge, David W; Webster, Angela C; Johnson, David W
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 2 February (27).pdf.jpg2016Disappearing bone disease of the humerus and the cervico-thoracic spine : a case report with 42-year follow-upGanal-antonio, Anne Kathleen; Samartzis, Dino; Bow, Cora; Cheung, Kenneth M C; Luk, Keith D K; Orth, Mch; Wong, Yat-wa; Fhkcos, Frcse
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 4 April (46).pdf.jpg2016The impact of coronal alignment of device on radiographic degeneration in the case of total disc replacementKim, Seok Woo; Paik, Sang-hoon; Oh, Jae-keun
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 6 June (6).pdf.jpg2016Regionalization of Pediatric Surgery Trends Already UnderwaySalazar, Jose H; Goldstein, Ã Seth D; Yang, Jingyan; Gause, Colin; Swarup, Abhishek; Hsiung, Grace E; Rangel, Shawn J; Goldin, Adam B; Abdullah, Fizan
2016 BIPC Volume 43 Issue 2 June (13).pdf.jpg2016Sleep Disturbances and Symptoms of Depression and Daytime Sleepiness in Pregnant WomenTsai, Shao-yu; Lin, Jou-wei; Wu, Wei-wen